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    I have not been feeling well the last few days. That combined with some moderate depression symptoms starting to surface from my unemployment situation I pretty well feel like shit.

    "Who does depression hurt? Everyone. Where does depression hurt? Everywhere." is not just a commercial catch phrase. I'll get out of it. It just kinda hurts right now.

    I'm sorry Matt for the delay in feedback. I'll catch up soon.

    I have a job interview tomorrow
    Good luck with the interview. The economy has taken its toll on me and my family. We were in some financial hardship and had to take some drastic measures as my wife's business began to fail. Now I'm just trying to hold on to my job. We've had numerous layoffs and just last week the stopped there 401k match. It sucks man, I know.

  2. Wow solid product. Can't wait til this hits e-tailers.
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    I've still been under a bit of a patch of unwell and a mild depressive state. I wore my self out moving into DC training after a long run of consistent volume training without a break. It really taxed my system and set me back. Being unemployed for the last ten weeks has not been a boost to my morale. To add to that during that last 4 weeks period I ran my third bout of antibiotics in the last three or so months for recurring prostatitis symptoms.

    This year AZ's pollen count is at record levels. I have had a really bad response this year. I used to pride my self in not having allergies but I am resolved to the fact that I have all the evidence to believe I do. When you wake up and you have sacks of water bags under your eyes and they are red and burning I believe you are having a allergic reaction. What makes matters worse is that this time of the year is a great time to sleep with the windows open because of the cool nights but the air is terrible to sleep in overnight.

    Anyway enough of my drama. It goes without saying my body is in need of some R&R on multiple levels

    I took off all of last week and started up again this Tuesday. It is no surprise that I am week and not very energetic.

    This week I did dose the entire whole scoop sublingually, half at a time, roughly ten minutes apart. It is noticeably more efficient at promoting the effects.

    I still have experienced the alertness and clarity and focus that I have but to be honest my energy and performance is sub par. I am afraid that I am a poor judge of ULTIMA's performance right now because of the multiple depressive mood and energy issues I am struggling with at the moment.

    I am looking markedly better this morning from a visual perspective and slightly more cheerful but only mildly more energetic. I will continue to use ULTIMA on my workout days and hopefully provide some more helpful and beneficial feedback.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding Matt
    Within your darkest memories lies the answer if you dare to find it. Don't let hope become a memory. When you think all is forsaken, listen to me now; you need never feel broken again. Sometimes darkness can show you the light.

  4. I dont care about the log, B; I just want you to get yourself better.

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    I dont care about the log, B; I just want you to get yourself better.
    x2. Priorities man.

  6. I'm loving Ultima, and I have only used it twice. I'm going to take it in about an hour before my basketball game. Basketball at 250 pounds is just kicking my ass. Its the first time in years I have played, and a couple times down the court, and I'm dead. I'm hoping for a nice boost from the Ultima.
    The two lifting workouts were just amazing. Focus/strength/pumps/ and endurance were through the roof, and I know the strength will just get better, when the creatine is fully saturated in my muscles.

  7. Can someone explain if Ultima with its trinitine creatine sits in water as you are working out wouldnt the creatine turn to waste or harmfull to the user

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    Can someone explain if Ultima with its trinitine creatine sits in water as you are working out wouldnt the creatine turn to waste or harmfull to the user

  9. thank you

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    thank you
    No problem.


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