ULTIMA Feedback thread

  1. ULTIMA Feedback thread

    So far the feedback on ULTIMA is, how do you say...Amazing!

    Mental energy, physical energy and now feedback of very significant strength increases after using for a week or so.

    Quote Originally Posted by chasinSKURT
    It's going to be hands down the most effective preworkout product to of ever been released.

    You should definitely pick some up.
    Quote Originally Posted by egodog48
    The stuff is awesome. No hype, truly a great product.
    Quote Originally Posted by strtrcer00
    Great product and well worth the $$$. First creatine I've taken without some kind of water retention. Buy some you wont be disappointe
    Quote Originally Posted by mw1111
    Just wanted to update my exp. w/ Ultima- Last night i accidently mixed 5 scoops of Watermelon Xtend in with and it ended up tasting GREAT!....as far as results , Ive been using it for 6 days now(5 wo days) and so far it has been without a doubt the best Pre/intra product ive used ....probably the best non-ph product i've used. Last night and this morning at the gym , i felt like i'd been on HDX2/Mass fx for 4 weeks ......just incredible endurance ,strength, focus
    Quote Originally Posted by mw1111
    Tried mine this afternoon also. I have to say i was EXTREMELY pleased with it! It mixed very easily with no specks, floaters or froth.The taste was not as bad as i thought it was going to be . It was kinda like a "orangey-montain dew medicine" taste , but for those of you that have tried Clout -this will taste like Godiva choclate.

    I started drinking it 30 minutes before w/o then continued about 10-15minutes into w/o . Focus, concentration ,and endurance were unreal during my workout. Strength was the same but mental strength was way up. I left the gym still feeling pumped,refreshed and full of energy , which continued for several hrs afterward w/ no crash whatsoever. It kinda surprised me cause there was no real "stim " feeling at all just clean energy.
    Quote Originally Posted by egodog48
    Took it again today and I will say that I felt absolutely great. I wasnt even pumped to be there and only a couple sets in I was pumped wanting more. My shirt actually got tighter and I was feeling HUGE! Great product.

    Quote Originally Posted by chasinSKURT
    I took a serving of Ultima today. WOW.

    Focus was incredible, energy was clean and long lasting, and endurance was great. The nootropic effect was quite profound... like having tunnel vision. The product promotes a mind-muscle connection like no other.
    Quote Originally Posted by Yates Row T
    My workout was incredible, i wasnt sure if it was due to the excitement until the tunnel vision hit me. Hard to describe, its almost like when u smoke marijuana and get very focused without the sleepy feeling and munchies.

    I used it today as well for back/traps day and once again the focus was incredible. Mind-muscle connection is very intense.

    Quote Originally Posted by haiz69
    I feel VERY good and not tired in the slightest. I'm not abound with energy per-say, but I feel good, focused, and able to do any task given to me. Really a confident feeling. I got a couple of projects early in the morning that required me to type up a couple of announcements for the office. These tend to take me a bit of time to type up due to general procrastination and just searching for the right things to say. However, this morning I ripped through both in about a quarter of the time that it usually takes. Impressive.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nsaladino
    Focus - I wasn't 'in the zone', I was the zone. I have a good amount of experience with nootropics and this was absolutely on par with some of the best. I've used. The mind muscle connection was fantastic. After a long day and being damn tired, it made my workout much easier than expected and actually enjoyable. My carbs are fairly restricted and I often feel out of it and unfocused but today I was 100% present, and it lasted through the end of my workout.
    Quote Originally Posted by FoolontheHill
    The Focus was definitely there, often times when I'm severely carb laden as i was sunday, I find myself lacking a certain drive. With Ultima, there was more motivation to train.
    Quote Originally Posted by FoolontheHill
    Focus: Is only growing stronger, it feels like mentally I'm never bottoming out during a workout and after workouts for hours I am more mentally agile.

    Quote Originally Posted by wkanack33
    i did get a very mellow almost robotic focus, it was like i was a machine or something, each set just went down and i didn't feel rest time was needed at all. I almost don't remember bent over rows as i was almost in a daze


    Quote Originally Posted by FoolontheHill
    I am feeling great on this stuff. Stronger, more alert, more alive. I really can't wait to see where this takes me, because it seems as though the effects of the product are cumulative.

    Quote Originally Posted by haiz69
    Ultima has everything you need and the dosages are perfectly planned out to work with everything else in the product. Adding something else is just going to mess with that

    Quote Originally Posted by FoolontheHill
    Also, Someone came up to me today at the gym and asked what I was drinking, I told him, he said he was a stim junkie and tried it out and that half a serving was more than enough for him (he was 220+)

    Quote Originally Posted by dgcoats
    I didn't feel like I had the physical energy to perform in the gym, but I was still able to have an exceptional workout. I wasn't pumped up to do ****, I just did it, if that makes any sense. DON'T expect stim energy, because that ain't happening. While I like this part of the product, I think this will hurt its sales as Joe Schmoe wants a product that gets him "pumped," and Ultima doesn't do this the way most preworkouts do. I, however, love it. 8/10
    Quote Originally Posted by Yates Row T
    just got back from using it for the first time. Chest/shoulders I used about bt 1/2-2/3 a serving and i had an incredible workout. The energy was so clean and the concentration aspect was amazing.
    Quote Originally Posted by g_lee
    Must say the mind muscle connection was really impressive; powered through the weights and was able to push through the proverbial wall for the last couple of reps on both days; determination was through the roof

    Quote Originally Posted by dabiggiu
    I have to agree with this. I've never, NEVER had the focus and intensity in the gym as my last 2 workouts with ULTIMA. Normally I find myself wating 2-3 minutess between sets. With ULTIMA I can't wait more than 45 seconds. The best part is I retain most if not all my strength from the previous set. (very little fatigue).

    Quote Originally Posted by dabiggiu
    killer shoulder workout. I felt myself resting way less between sets. Cardio was also great
    Quote Originally Posted by FormerFatBoy86
    Well I tried this out today for the first time and im liking it so far. Hit a couple prs for reps and was able to maintain my usual high volume while on a cut. It provided more mental energy than physical energy if that makes any sense. MMC, was a little bit easier to tap into and while it didn't make the workout any easier it did keep me alert enough and mentally there to force my way forward. Also, don't know if its because im not used to creatine, but I had a SICK total body pump today, thing is creatine usually doesn't do that to me
    Quote Originally Posted by CapnKrunk
    Okay just got back from my lift. Gotta say was very intense. Smooth energy was fantastic, didn't feel like the normal SMACK CAFFEINE IN THE SYSTEM. Which was very good since I really hate taking stimulants.
    Quote Originally Posted by chasinSKURT
    As I left the gym today, I felt great... and kept on feeling good for the rest of the day. It's hard to explain really... but usually when I'm done with a workout, I feel great mentally, but physically I want to rest. Today when I left I felt nothing like that. I got home, showered, then went to help my gf move into a new apartment, and then studied for a couple hours. All this and I felt great the whole time.
    Quote Originally Posted by dabiggiu
    Recovery between sets phenomenal
    Quote Originally Posted by Nsaladino
    While using ULTIMA tonight I felt just as ready to attack the weights on my last set as I did on my first set. For me that was absolutely impressive, it's something caffeine has never done for me nor any other "energy" product, they always seem to wear off and leave me feeling worn out.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ibballard
    Just finished sipping slightly less than one half scoop of Ultima in about 12 oz water over the course of a half an hour. Feeling AMAZING. Energized, focused, alert, motivated, and elated.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nsaladino
    Energy was absolutely amazing. I felt like I could work all day and still feel like I had just started. Even after kicking my ass on the stair stepper I didn't feel worn out or beat down like I might normally feel, I was just ready to go home and eat.
    Quote Originally Posted by xxghostxx
    My first and second round of training with this stuff was excellent. I do not typically have a difficult time getting focused in while I'm training but I definitely noticed a good change even within the first session with Ultima. No noticeable change in the strength department, but post-workout cardio (something I always do) was a total breeze. I typically read while on a recumbent bike for about 20-30 minutes post training but I totally lost track both workouts and came in around 45 minutes the first day; I finished up the second session of cardio at about 35 minutes as I was slightly more aware of the time that round.
    Quote Originally Posted by haiz69
    Energy - 10/10
    Quote Originally Posted by haiz69
    Again, the ENERGY is nothing like a CNS-Stimulant type energy. It is totally different, yet much better in my opinion. The type of energy Ultima gave me allowed me to either sit down and write an essay, or get up and crush some weight in the gym. This is ideal for me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Blackjackcat
    It seems I am flying thru the workouts but I am doing plenty of sets. Another thing is, usually I am spent after a workout, but I feel real good after now(like I could go longer which was not the case before).


    Quote Originally Posted by Nsaladino
    I worked back today and had a great workout. My back/forearms were pumped like crazy, I was really suprised at how pumped my forearms were.
    Quote Originally Posted by em_dubya
    Probably the best non-ph product .! Strength , focus and endurance has been thru the roof!
    Quote Originally Posted by Ibballard
    yesterday I forgot to bring my half serving of peri-workout Ultima, and just had the pre workout, and still had great energy throughout the workout. I consumed the other half as a post workout while I walked to class. I'll be updating the log here soon, but it's been two days and my legs are still feeling 0 DOMS from my leg workout. Absolute insanity.
    Quote Originally Posted by xxghostxx
    Workouts: Amazing. My workouts have been improving with each session. Also, as I've now had a chance to repeat some of my initial workouts I've noted a huge difference in the strength department with weights increasing on nearly every lift across the board.

    Another thing I'd like to comment on is the "robotic" like training sessions a few others have mentioned. The first time I saw this mentioned it made me think of some mindless disconnect during training; like some automaton working away at the gym without reason. As I've had a chance to use this a few times now I'm definitely starting to understand how appropriate this term is. From my experience, this has been like training with an enhanced and highly calibrated mind-muscle connection; every movement is very precise due to better concentration and focus.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ibballard
    Strength: This was the high point of the first day of this product for me. Typically when I feel like I did during this workout, I am unable/unwilling to complete my sets. The focus gave me the ability to keep pushing within the set, but I also found myself, despite the energy level, able to push my muscles to perform beyond typical capacity. This was similar to how I felt the last time I ran beta-alanine and reached saturation point on it. However this was achieved on the first day. It was as if, even though reaching the same sensation as during standard failure, the muscles continued to be able to contract for a longer period of time, allowing 1-3 additional reps to be pushed out.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Ibballard
    DOMS: I had no chest soreness today. I didn't really even think about it today, but Monday was a pretty intensive chest training session, and two days afterward is typically peak DOMS period if I trained right. I felt the initial soreness on Tuesday, but it was completely gone today. It doesn't even really feel like I worked chest recently. This is a very impressive recovery effect, and says a lot for the formulation's repair abilities.
    Quote Originally Posted by Free Weight Friedel
    My energy level and mental focus was still at an increased level. The tingling in my face subsided. The Mind/Muscle connection was very evident today. I was in a ZONE and I stayed that way throughout my entire workout! My muscles felt really pumped and hard today.
    Quote Originally Posted by Blackjackcat
    I have now used this for a few more workouts and I am really sold now. My strength had been stagnant, but I am going up in weight on all my sets, each workout now. I just put in a order for another bottle so I can run this 10-12 weeks before taking a short break(as stated on the bottle). Thanks for the best product to come out in a long time.
    Quote Originally Posted by foolonthehill
    Strength: The PR's set are great evidence here. Everything is getting lighter all the time, it's excellent. Keep in mind that yesterday and today my calories have been severely lowered and I was still able to perform at (for me at least) peak capacity. This is not to say that I was not experiencing strength gains before ultima, only that the strength and endurance gains now are much, much quicker.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ibballard
    Energy: 9/10
    Focus: 9/10
    Had an absolutely phenomenal workout. And that's not something I say lightly. I annihilated my chest with more sets, heavier weight, and in less time than I have in a long time.
    The muscular control I had while bench pressing was probably the best part of the whole workout. I have torn my pectoral muscle twice. The first time in a relatively minor way, and the second time the tendon connecting it to my bicep snapped and rolled up into my chest. It took me a long time to train my compensator muscles to take on that burden, and I have never hit the same weights since, due to fear of doing it again (not to mention the difficulty tearing the other side's rotator cuff provided, bench became an essentially impossible tangle balance-wise). The benefit of the neuromuscular connection that this product provides is that while performing quality reps, I could very distinctly control muscle contractions on a very specific level, allowing me to have confidence that I was performing the exact movement with the exact force necessary to execute the motion. This means that I could push myself harder without fighting against myself. In conjunction with the increased muscular endurance and strength, this made for a potent combination throughout the entire workout.

    At the end of the workout I rocked out an excellent HIIT routine. I typically do 5-60 second sprints at 12 mph, separated by 90 seconds at 7 mph. I got done with this today, started to enter my cooldown, and decided that I just was not done yet. I hit three more 60 second 12 mph runs separated by 60 second 8 mphs. I was exhausted and sweating, but all told this was a two hour balls to the wall workout, and I gave it everything I had. Maintaining this kind of intensity for this long is something I've maybe experienced a dozen times over the last couple years, but never when I wasn't stimmed to the teeth. I was very impressed.
    Quote Originally Posted by CROSSFIRE24

    Mixability: 10/10 No problems whatsoever. Drop it in a shaker cup and give it a few whirls and it's good to go.

    Taste: 10/10 A lot of people described the taste (I have the first run with no extra flavoring) to be unpleasant and chemical. It is probably the most enjoyable supplement I have ever drank with a nice citrusy flavor. (Sort of reminds me of Body Octane but much better) The 20-30 Seconds recommended to hold it under your tongue doesn't even bother me because I really like the taste.

    Cognitive Effects:
    10/10 This is no lie. I have never felt as healthy and well as I do when I've taken Ultima. My awareness and focus are off the charts. I feel the mind-muscle connection which is something you have to experience because it's incredible to feel them molded as one working together.

    Energy: 8/10 Only because I'm coming off of Caffeine Supplements. Animal Pump gave me crazy energy that lasted 4-5 hours and got me through the evening/night of lifting/working/homework but Ultima gives me a steady flow that fills every need and lasts the rest of the day until REDuction PM = night night. The Drive I feel is the most important aspect. I just have to get things done that is my mind's mission. I want to hit the weights harder than ever and not stop until I can't move. It's a great feeling to have this determination. I have plenty enough energy to lift for around 1.5 hours and then go play basketball for another 1-1.5. I miss the extreme boost from the Caffeine but I enjoy this constant supply delivered by Ultima and I'm sure once my body gets used to the absence of the Caffeine this will jump to 10/10.

    10/10 Mind-Muscle Connection FTW!!! Linking the muscle(s) you are focusing on working out with a direct connection to the brain results in optimal exertion and stimulation of that muscle. Pumps are far from the most important thing but the feeling of your muscles ripping out of your legs, arms, chest, etc. is quite nice. This definitely is > Arginine/Glycerol Supps that I have tried in the past.

    10/10 I've been on Ultima for 2 weeks and have gained 15 lbs. on my bench rep weight (210-225). I promise I'm not exaggerating this at all. I'm sure there are other factors but I feel much stronger on this than anything else I have tried. I always respond well to MCC though and the SCC and PCC additions seem to have increased this.

    Price: 10/10 I know that $50 for 20 servings sounds rough but you really have to understand the incredible ingredients and the amount of work Omega has put into this. It's a steal for what you get esp. when I only work out hard on MWF which means it will last me ~7 weeks.

    I'm not really giving this a rating it's just an unexpected bonus that I seem to have acquired from this. I have noticed increased assertiveness and aggression shining through me. This is appreciated for me since I am normally quiet spoken and easy going but I have to attribute this change to Ultima because it's the only Supp change I have made lately. (I know it's not a test booster or a PH but I swear this has happened lol)

    Overall: 10/10 Honestly. Best $50 I've ever spent hands down. I hope that Omega is able to keep this same formula and price as I will definitely be picking up another Tub. I wanted to rave about it after the first night I tried it but I gave it two weeks and decided it was long enough to rule out the dreaded "Placebo Effect from the Black Lagoon". I highly recommend this product to any and everyone for building muscle as well as overall health. Thanks for all the hard work Omega! Let me know if I left anything out of the review and I will gladly answer any questions. Hope this helps!

  3. More feedback!

    hopefully I did not overlap anything that was posted previuosly.

    At this point, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to put in an order for more ultima in the near future(before the formula and price change), nothing non-hormonal as ever worked this well or this quick for me in the ergogenic realm. nothing.
    I just wanted to throw this out here. I often workout twice a day and I've found that if I take a full serving with my morning workout then nothing during my evening workout, my evening workout ends up being incredibly intense. I think it may be better to just take the product all day long like haiz is doing and simply a full dose pre/during workout might be too much, at least for me. It's like my mind is fuctioning at such high capacity that working out isn't mentally stimulating enough or that I'm too zen after taking ULTIMA to let out what little agression I have to really attack the weights. You guys screwed up and made way too powerful of a product here

    I'm not really giving this a rating it's just an unexpected bonus that I seem to have acquired from this. I have noticed increased assertiveness and aggression shining through me. This is appreciated for me since I am normally quiet spoken and easy going but I have to attribute this change to Ultima because it's the only Supp change I have made lately. (I know it's not a test booster or a PH but I swear this has happened lol)
    Honestly. Best $50 I've ever spent hands down. I hope that Omega is able to keep this same formula and price as I will definitely be picking up another Tub. I wanted to rave about it after the first night I tried it but I gave it two weeks and decided it was long enough to rule out the dreaded "Placebo Effect from the Black Lagoon". I highly recommend this product to any and everyone for building muscle as well as overall health. Thanks for all the hard work Omega!

    It's amazing. Let me explain it like this. After 1/2 scoop, you just feel.. Different.. Better.. Unstopable.

    Your body says enough while your mind says "Don't you f**kin stop now.. 2 more reps".. Guess what.. Your mind wins.
    Quote Originally Posted by garyboy
    The only downfall is it's so effective, I end up taking it on not only workout days, but days I need more mental clarity. Glad I picked up multiple cannsiters of Ultima.
    Quote Originally Posted by iballard
    can say this though. Without looking at the scale, just using the mirror, I am definitely looking and feeling stronger and with more muscular hardness, with an actual appearance of less bodyfat than when I started.
    Quote Originally Posted by dabiggiu
    Matt I'll speak for myself here but weight is down 7 lbs since start of ULTIMA and lifts are up 15-20 lbs across the board! NOT what I was expecting considering I'm eating 600-800 calories below maintenance.
    I just kept piling on the weights, and finding myself able to keep pushing out reps. Great feeling. My legs are killing me right now, but I am feeling fantastic.
    Quote Originally Posted by Peter LeDrew
    That is pretty cool and shows how complex Ultima is... it can be much more than 1, 2 or even 3 products really and really good ones, with no prop blend to boot. The methylation complex to lower homocysteine, reduce risk of many diseases, the cognitive blend which matches or beats the best nootropic formulas I have seen, etc... all in a GMP product.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nsaladino
    Muscle gain... dude are you going to tell me that adding 10lbs to my DB bench press after one week of use is not going to lead to muscle gain? My mental state and focus has improved allowing me to focus more on muscle contractions and forced negative resistance. My endurance has improved allowing me to work harder for longer. My recovery between sets has increased allowing me to increase intensity through shorted time between sets. My mood has improved allowing me to be more motivated during the day to stick to my diet and show up to the gym with a strong desire to lay siege to my muscles. The force of my muscle contractions has increases allowing me to move more weight adding additional stress to muscle fibers leading to growth. If all these factors aren't enough to be a strong enough point for you to illicit use of ULTIMA I don?t know what else to tell you. In addition to the performance benefits I?ve noticed above, outside the gym my mood/focus/concentration/energy levels have all been greatly improved bettering my interactions at work, school, with friends and loved ones. So for me as far as supplementation to improve my athletic ability and the overall wellbeing of my physical existence ULTIMA is the only thing to make a true and apparent impact.
    Looking at my leg numbers as of recently I realized that I am about as strong in my legs today at ~200 lbs (weigh in friday) as I was when I was a 250+ offensive lineman. Not bad, not bad at all.
    i feel like writing 'awesome' a hundred times for y'all to understand...i cannot type fast enough for how fast my brain is going....

    -the second time I did it an hour later, 15 minutes intentionally before my workout. Next thing I know its an hour later and I'm done with a brutal workout. I take a shower eat and now I just finished reading a article for school and am alomst done writing the paper......wow

    -I didn't feel stimmed out. I felt great and still do. No crash. This feels real clean

    Quote Originally Posted by FormerFatBoy86
    I would definitely recommend this, especially for people looking for a non-caffienated pre-wo supplement or those looking to cycle off caffiene and recharge their adrenal glands. There is no pre-workout supplement that even comes close to the neuroligical and ergogenic benefits Ultima provides and the quality and science behind it is something I really hope becomes the standard for supplement innovation in the future.
    Quote Originally Posted by FormerFatBoy86
    The anti-aging and neurological benefits make this something I will be using for the rest of my life. I even got my Dad a tub.
    Quote Originally Posted by marcodeniro
    I hit a PR on my clean and press .155 did that twice.
    I had the biggest leg day ever. Its funny cuz i failed on a lift earlier I think I was doing 200 something on below parallel squats, and on the 4th lift BIG FAIL I could not lift it back up and fell backwards on my back in the rack. I got up rested then lifted it from the neg and completed 5 more solid reps. And I kept increasing weight. It truly felt amazing and was the ULTIMAte Gym experience. I was so amped I went back and did huge shoulder workout

    I love dosing Ultima like this. I added two new exercises, did a bunch of random pull-ups and hangs, hit a crazy pr on db rows and ended up finishing my workout 30 minutes earlier than normal... and oh im cutting to
    I dosed 1/4 scoop immediately pre-workout and 1/4 scoop an hour later... Holy crap what a difference! Seriously one of the best workouts I've had in a long, long time. Intensity, intensity, intensity is all I can say. My endurance, focus, strength, recovery time, rest time, muscle fullness, pump, cardiovascular endurance, all of it was absolutely awesome. I had 5 people that generally see me everyday in the gym, ask me what was up and what I was taking. You get an immediate energy boost/intense feeling of vigilance within a few minuets of having it under your tongue. I didn't feel zoned out or foggy at all I felt focused, determined, energized, and relentless. During my cardio I felt an immense feeling of wellbeing that has continued well after (as I'm sure you can tell by my use of adjectives) I kept adding weight to my exercises and took little to no time between sets it was pretty crazy. The only time I really rested between sets was when I was too pumped to lift properly. This is how I will be dosing ULTIMA from now on and recommending it to others as well.
    Quote Originally Posted by haiz69
    While not strictly for focus, Ultima has an amazing nootropic/focus blend.

    Used strictly for nootropic purposes, it would last quite a while.
    Tried the Ultima under the tongue thing pre-wo tonight...INSTANT mental clarity + drive. WOW. Only did 1/4 scoop 45 minutes pre, 1/4 scoop 15 minutes pre, and then sipped the other half intra.

    Solid dosing IMO. If I didn't enjoy sipping it so much (I mix it with a bit of caffeine free dew), I'd do it this way all the time.
    Quote Originally Posted by marcodeniro View Post
    I tried the powder straight under tongue. POW right to da moon Alice
    I will be getting log up soon. But the whole experience / 2 work outs that day.
    It has been a long time since I've had such an intense workout nevertheless two intense and complete workouts hours apart
    haven't had enough time to really put this to the test in the gym lately. This week I used it as a study aid (for a ton of school work). I had 2 tests, 2 quizzes, 2 labs to perform (including dissecting a cat), 1 to write-up, and a huge HW assignment this week... and ultima helped me out big time! I was at school from 8 in the morning on tuesday until 2:30 AM on wednesday... then back at 8 in the morning on wednesday and didn't leave until almost 10 at night, and I did it stimulant free with Ultima. I actually noticed how much I was retaining when I was studying material for my classes... it was pretty damn impressive.

  4. Hey Matt, I'm dabiggiu on the other board. Feel free to add my experiences here to the feedback thread on both sites.

  5. Will do!

  6. MOAR!!

    Quote Originally Posted by kerplunk
    For muscles or not, health wise and for ergogenic benefit it still slaughters everything mentioned in here times a million.
    Quote Originally Posted by dgcoats
    3. 1/2 pre, 1/2 intra with flavoring

    Mixability: There is a negligible amount of flavoring left at the bottom when I stir Ultima. 9/10
    Taste: MUCH BETTER. It doesn't taste like Mountain Dew, but I can definitely taste a green (yes I taste colors) citrusy flavor whereas it used to have a medicinal orange citrus taste. I had actually gotten used to the old flavor, but I'm going to enjoy this new flavor much more. 8/10
    Energy: I'm not sure if Ultima is designed to have a cumulative energy effect but that is what I have been experiencing. Before I began taking Ultima my rest time was usually 3ish minutes; since then I've been resting anywhere between 1 1/2 and 2 minutes. Once I finish my workout and get to work I still have plenty of energy for my whole shift, which is a great improvement from drag assing a few weeks ago. 9/10
    Focus: Great. Once I get into the gym I'm able to tune out the embarrassingly gay gym music and nonsensical chatter between cardio bunnies and douchebags and start moving some weights. My mind doesn't wander between sets like it used to and I finally know what a mind-muscle connection feels like. One non-weight lifting related thing I have found interesting is that my sentences consist of fewer fillers (uh, um, etc) and come out a bit quicker. I'm able to process questions a bit faster and reply with little to no hesitation. This has also helped greatly with my school work. 10/10
    Strength: I added strength because I feel three weeks is long enough to gauge any noticeable increases in weights. Every lift (except my fcking bench) has jumped up significantly. My squat is literally going up every time I'm in the gym, military press is a breeze, and lunges feel a lot easier. I can't wait to see my results at the end of the first tub. 9/10
    Overall: I no longer believe "Ultima is the best supplement ever" is hyperbole; no bad workouts, no "off" days, no brain fog, no half-assing, no bull****. Ultima is the real deal. I'll give a final review once I finish the tub, but I'll say right now that I've found a new staple supp. 10/10

    Ultima is something I strongly feel should be supplemented by everyone interested in maintaining optimal brain functioning, especially the older guys out there. I consider it as much a staple as fish oil and protein.

    Quote Originally Posted by FoolontheHill
    Fifteenth Ultima Workout

    Depletion. Not to full effort. No records set

    Today's workout was the best workout I've had on ultima. The worst thing that happened at they gym was leaving it. I have no doubt I'm gonna hit that 405 if sunday's workout is anything like it was today.

    Focus: Fantastic alpha male feel. No fatigue, no zoning, no rest. I just got in and hit every part of my body DC style in 45 minutes. I was full on dripping sweat by the time I was done with my first set. Tunnel vision, laser vision, x ray vision, whatever you wanna call it, it was there in full force. I still have quite a bit of that focus even as I type this out now.

    Endurance: Whole body, 45 minutes. 20 seconds rest tops. I felt like I could have run a marathon after the workout but time constraints forbid me from pursuing that feeling.

    Strength: Every set (using heavier weight than I used in depletion workouts just a few weeks ago) felt like I was cheating myself because I wasn't packing it on like I knew I could have, in case you couldn't tell, self-discipline is not my strong suit.

    Closing:The only real bad news for me today is that my tub of Ultima's almost empty. This surprises me since I've been using the recommended dose, I should get 20 servings. It will be a Christmas Miracle if I get 5 more workouts out of this tub.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter LeDrew
    Ok, this was a 1st I can chaulk up to some interesting strength effects of Ultima... I have become superhuman strong it seems... I busted the damn chest press machine with the weight maxed and on the concentric phase of my lift... the belt snapped and a metal bar came down on my head, leaving me a nice bump on my noggin'...

    Quote Originally Posted by kerplunk
    ULTIMA - Completion of Week 2

    I'd like to start week 2's cumulative review off with a ... WOW I WANT MORE ULTIMA! Haha, my experience thus far has been fantastic. I absolutely love the cognitive effects of the product and the strength gains are great. This is the strongest I have been to date, in my entire life. I feel bigger as well.

    What really sells me is the mind-muscle connection in the gym, lifting is almost somewhat robotic. I lift the weight and it just goes. I had some issues on my shoulder day, but leg day was astonishing. I switched to a FST-7, high volume program and it feels great. So anyway...on to the review.


    The focus that is delivered from a 1/2 dose of Ultima is perfect. Let me try to explain the effects...

    The effects from focus that I notice in the gym, is as soon as you pick up the weight, everything else regarding life totally exits your thoughts and you zone in on the weight. This is awesome, your mind is thinking fast, but not racing between multiple thoughts, just concentration on one thing.

    The focus effects on schoolwork are also amazing, however they do not last as long as I like. It seems like 120-150 minutes is how long the effects last, and although I'd love to dose it more than 1/2 a scoop for homework and college scholarship things, I simply am afraid of running out. My productivity and understanding of concepts is increased and would love to have a bottle of this in school. Next year in college hopefully I can get some of this. (BETA VERSION PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE)


    I was hoping to put up more weight on thursday's shoulder workout but I was unable to. It was rather odd as the beginning of the week I blasted out chest, bi and legs unbelievably.

    No PR's to report but the weights feel lighter, I'm guessing due to the mental aspects. Overall great!

    Cell Volumization: 7/10

    I'm up about 2 lbs since 3 weeks ago, I look bigger and feel bigger. Im not using any other supplements, so, its pretty decent.

    Overall Gym Experience vs. No Ultima: 9.6/10

    The past week I feel so zoned into the workout its great. Not much more to say than that.

    Quote Originally Posted by chasinSKURT
    Today I took 1/3 of a dose under the tongue 1 hour before working out, then ate a small meal, and then took 1/3 of a dose under the tongue right before I walk into the gym.

    Todays workout was absolutely incredible. One of the best I've ever had. I'm really starting to notice some serious strength gains too. Today was a chest/arms day, I noticed that the time I spent between sets was drastically reduced. I also noticed that my intensity during each set was nuts! I even added in a couple extra sets because I felt amazing. After lifting, I hopped on an elliptical. I usually run about 3 miles on my chest/arm day, but today when I hit three I felt as though I had just stepped in the gym. I wasn't the least bit ready to leave. I ended up running for 5 miles, but could of kept going longer, much longer. I left the gym feeling like I could go back in and do it all over again. This product is incredible.

  7. ill notate some **** later in teh week
    toes-on-the-nose.blogspot.com Deployed blogging

  8. Reserved for review.
    Log will be up tonight; however, after 3 days on this, I can already say that it is the best pre-workout supplement in terms of non-jitter energy and mental clarity.

    More to come...

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Lungz View Post
    Reserved for review.
    Log will be up tonight; however, after 3 days on this, I can already say that it is the best pre-workout supplement in terms of non-jitter energy and mental clarity.

    More to come...

  10. man dont take a 1/2 scoop in the mouth on an empty tummy wowzers was i fuzzy for a bit
    toes-on-the-nose.blogspot.com Deployed blogging

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Outside Backer View Post
    man dont take a 1/2 scoop in the mouth on an empty tummy wowzers was i fuzzy for a bit
    A 1/2 scoop is a lot. Try 1/2 teaspoon.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Lungz View Post
    NYCE!!!! Nice avatar as well.

  13. WOOT!

    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Lungz View Post
    Values are on a 1 - 5 scale, with 5 being totally dialed in, while 1 is the opposite.

    Mental Alertness - (3.5) I was hovering at around less than 3 before my initial dose. I decided to dose half the serving sublingual 30 minutes prior to beginning my workout. I pre-mixed the rest of the serving in a water bottle and consumed it halfway through my workout. After the sublingual dose, it was about the 20 minute mark that I felt a bit more upbeat. Nothing that was screaming at me, but definitely an increase in alertness. It wasn’t until I began to workout that I felt like I was more explosive in my movements. Halfway in, I consumed the rest of my dose; nothing more to report (no change). I will take the entire dose before my workout today.

    Endurance - (N/A) Nothing unusual to report at this time.

    Explosiveness - (3.5) Very apparent. I’m not 100% sure that it was the supplement helping, or if I was just dialed in. This will become more evident as the log goes on.

    Feeling during and after dose (including any crashes) - (3.5) Refer back to Mental Alertness. As far as a crash goes: none at all. I did not feel stimulated in the least. Let me clarify what I mean by ‘stimulant.’ Usually, the biggest problem I have with pre workout mixes is the fact that they have huge amounts of caffeine and/or other cardiovascular inducers that gives the false impression of energy. These usually causes me to “feel” jittery, causes a racing heart, etc - followed by a hard crash that leaves me feeling like hell. Thankfully, Ultima’s energy is a smooth, controlled cognitive momentum that helps propel me forward.

    * Side notes: I would like to mention that the taste sublingual was very pleasant. It made my mouth water up something fierce. It was too faint for me to gauge its taste for the remaining mixed (w/ water). I plan on dosing a full serving w/ water for today’s workout.

    * Diet was exactly as listed in post one for this day.

    * Wednesday - Strictly pool - 5 x 50m sprint freestyle (rest with 20 seconds), 5 x 100m sprints -- any stroke (rest 40-60 seconds)
    Great workout! I was exploding out of my stroke with ease.

    * I will have my wife take some pictures so we can keep track of any changes aesthetically.

  14. Sweet!

  15. How about some more feedback, you say?

    Alrighty then!

    I actually put my dad on it (55) just for work purposes. He says he has never felt or SLEPT better. Good stuff.

    I must note, my mind-muscle connection is better than ever with Ultima.
    I have been in this game since the early 90's, and I have to say Ultima is the best supplement I have ever tried. I can't believe how good I felt during my workout yesterday.

    I'm training shoulders today, and I can't wait.
    Are freakin kidding me with this stuff? That was the best non ph/ps workout I have ever experinced. No way in hell that it was a placebo effect, I had awesome pumps/endurance/focus/strength, on the very first workout Finally, a product that lives up to the hype 100%. I can't wait for my next workout.

    OK, here is some of my feedback.

    My endurance and stamina are at an all time high, plus my recovery is going well too.

    I basically just do jiu jitsu 4 times a week and if I can fit in some kind of weight session I will.

    I am very happy with things but there is one thing I did leave out.

    Matt was kind enough to include a bottle of T Force when I ordered and I started taking it one week after staring Ultima. I use 2 caps per day. So I think the combo of these 2 products are helping.

    Umm yeah so I finally decide to man up yesterday.

    1/2 Scoop Sublingual (2 Heaping Tbsp) about 30 minutes pre-workout. I sipped the other 1/2 scoop in 16oz of water throughout the workout.


    I had focus, energy, and clarity like I couldn't believe. TORE through my leg workout!! I left almost no time between sets. Squats, Hack Squats, Lunges, SLDL's. Nothing could slow me down. Oh and I speed roped (jump rope) for 20 minutes afterwards.

    I didn't think it could get any better.. It just has

    Buds, I preach this loudly from my soapbox.

    Ultima was made for mornings. I hit the gym before 5am M-F. Nothing clears the cobwebs like Ultima. Not Dew, not stim pills, not coffee, nothing else comes remotely close. And I'm a junkie. I've done everything but chase the dragon. This stuff just flat-out gets it done.

    A brief story: At 3:06 this morning, my phone rings. I look at it and discover that it's C-Unit (my ex). I didn't answer it, but I decided that as long as I'm up, I'll get a start on my day. Through the fog I reached for my new morning companion. Mixed up some (1/3 scoop) Ultima and after holding a few sips under muh tung I rapidly fired off some extremely clear minded, knife-twisting text messages to C-Unit. She's still ragging on me for it.

    Thanks Ultima!!!

    Introduction: I have had a 5 week long run of ultima courtesy of the good people at Omega Sports. My log wrapped up just recently which you can find here: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showth...hp?t=114018611 . I won a contest a while back based on a "guess the ingredients/what's not the ingredients and why" thread (the smallest company promo thread ever), if you're interested in that post, you can find it here: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showpo...1&postcount=42 . The following is my review of this product, having used it for 19 workouts, I'm not going to blabber a lot as I know that most people peruse these things quickly and are just looking for the gist of it. Any other information you might want to know can probably be found in the first post of my log.

    Diet: It was carb/calorie cycling, my own spinoff of Lyle Mcdonald's UD2.0. Calories were cut Monday through Friday afternoon, and from then until next monday was a game of "how many carbs can you eat?" It ended up being a slight deficit over a weeks period.

    Beginning Weight:197 Ending Weight: 193

    Lift Stats/strength:

    Squat: 315 for 5 405x3
    Lat Pulldown: 175x5 190x2
    Flat DB bench: 180x3 230x3

    All lifts increased to some extent, I simply felt that these were the most note-worthy. Every time I went into the gym with ultima past week one, I set a PR in something new. The strength from this product was quicker to manifest and more than regular creatine monohydrate. Ultima was the best product for strength I have ever used. period.

    Rating: 10/10

    Focus: The focus with ultima is different from stimulant based products. Many loggers felt that the nootropics were too much at first, and I would agree you do have to get a little acclimated. The focus was pretty much the same from the first dose to the last. Which is good and bad; it's not cumulative like the other aspects of the product, but I felt no tolerance develop either. I feel like if a part of the product could be dropped down it was the nootropics. Still, overall I really enjoyed them and even came to prefer the ultima energy to caffeine energy.

    Rating: 9/10

    Endurance: Endurance was fantastic. With the help of ultima I was able to incorporate drop sets and cardio into my routine. I have used straight beta alanine before and can say that the endurance aspect of ultima started much quicker, about a week in. This was something that only got better as time progressed.

    Rating: 10/10

    Possible Revisions: The things I liked least about this version of ultima (small list)
    1. Off taste of product
    2. Funky smell of breath after using said product
    3. when consumed too quickly, nootropics could almost make you feel slowed down
    That being said, I know this is a beta and things will be changed, just wanted to put in my thoughts. Even given the above things, if I had the money I would be purchasing another tub of Ultima now.

    Closing: Ultima was an excellent product, I'm very glad I had the opportunity to log it. I think in the final release with the full science write-up, things will be perfect. You have to take into account that I'm only judging the ingredients based off of what they do in a vacuum (B-vitamins lower homocysteine, creatine increases strength etc), but when the full biochemical pathway being exploited is elucidated, I at least will be excited. It is my honest opinion that ultima is far and above any product I've used and (at least on label value) any other product in the category.

  16. Solid!

    Quote Originally Posted by svmoney6 View Post
    sorry it tok so long to update this, but here we go...

    Week 1

    Flat BB Bench - 235x4(+1 rep), 245x3(first time attempting weight)
    Dec BB Bench - 245x5(+1 rep)

    rest of week 1 workouts were subpar due to a family issue...

    Week 2

    BO BB Rows - 205x10(+2 reps)
    CGBP - 215x6(+1 rep), 225x3(first time attempting weight)

    matched PR on wide grip pulldowns and BB Curls

    Week 3

    Dec. BB Bench - 225x8(+2 reps), 245x6(+1 rep), 265x3(first time attempting weight)
    BB Curls - 105x6(+2 reps)

    matched PR on pulldowns again, and matched PR on CGBP(215x6)

    Week 4

    Flat BB Bench - 225x8(+3 reps)
    BO BB Rows - 205x8 reps @ 4 sets(PR for # of sets at 8 reps - +2 sets)
    Wide Grip Pulldowns - +10lbs then +2 reps(weights on my pulldown attachment are messed up)

    legs and delts workouts were higher reps and no PRs were attempted, endurance for both bodyparts was excellent though.

  17. Ultima gives you great endurance.....

  18. Final Review: Ultima

    See post #1 for background/intro.

    As mentioned previously, I was looking to Ultima to help reduce my intake of caffeine, esp. in PreWO supplements. Part of the reason Ultima looked to be a superior choice over other formulations was the sheer quality of the ingredients; everything is provided in the best form, in very generous doses (15mg of Methyl-B12!) , and cGMP compliant.

    I chose to dose the ULTIMA Sublingually; the taste is amazing, and so this was quite enjoyable. It also allowed the ULTIMA to kick in quite fast; often within 5-10 minutes I would feel it. The focus was quite pronounced; I found myself staring down the DB/BB, and sometimes zoned out while during my rest. However when I did hit the weights, it was with some nice focus/determination.

    As for the performance-enhacing aspects of ULTIMA, I would say that it helped me continual my steady progression in weights. My goal was to cut/recomp which went well until I hit my 8-day protein powder binge, but overall I had constant strength increase. It was in line with what I normally see during a recomp. I also think it is very important to point out that I had been supplementing with Creatine and Beta-Alanine for a substantial time up-until starting ULTIMA; a person that had not been taking these two supplements would have experienced much more marked performance boosts.

    I did notice a marked benefit in sleep; the effect may have worn off after a few weeks, or perhaps I grew accustomed to the improved sleep. I was unable to notice an increase in sweating/thermogenesis that some others noted, but I find this to be very hard to judge without bias.

    Another important aspect I was looking for was an energy boost; I was hoping the Cognifive Blend would provide a significant energy boost without the use of caffeine. In one case (April 7th), I was tired and after dosing ULTIMA I felt quite refreshed and energized. However, I never felt a very significant "energy boost". On two memorable occasions I added in some ALCAR without lowering the dose, and it proved to be too much, so consider starting very low with other nootropics, as per their instructions. On one occasion I tried some SlimXtreme + Ultima, and the workout was phenomenal. I actually picked up some SX and was planning on trying it again with my own purchase of Ultima, however it was announced that the final version of Ultima will be enhanced in the stim department, so this many not be necessary.

    In conclusion, I will most definitely be purchasing the final release version of Ultima to see how the stimulant aspect is improved. I will update this thread at that point with my thoughts. However, even if I find the final product to be not as centrally stimulating as I would like, I know that the addition of a mild stim will make for a mind-blowing workout. Also I can't stress enough how impressed I am with the ingredient profile; no corners were cut, and this is worth it's price alone just for the vitamins. I feel it will lead to a variety of benefits that aren't easily perceived, but help to prime my body for optimal workouts and growth. As for my recommendation, it would be try the beta Utima and add a stim if necessary, and expect greatness from the final.

    Finally: Thank you to Ultima for allowing me to Beta test this product, and give my feedback. If anybody has any further questions/comments/clarifications please feel free to post/PM me at any time in the future. I tried to be as thorough as possible, but sometimes I overlook/skim over certain aspects. Until next time

  19. Great final review, Steve. I look forward to your comparisons with the end product that that put out.


    I'm on my second tub and am experience strength gains similiar to a test booster and a leaning out effect even though I'm eatting a surplus of cals.

    Well verdict in, I took 1 scoop Ultima Pre-Workout and 1/2 Scoop ONE....did 45min blasting chest, then 1/2 scoop ONE and finished out another 25min, and followed up with XF Ultra Peptide

    And....HOLY ****! Great focus; I felt like a machine, really connected to my muscles, no jitters, no anxiety at all, tons of force behind my reps, and the PUMPS were unreal....looking forward to hitting the gym tomorrow already.

    I actually just got back from the gym. Took a full serving of Ultima before I went, and had an amazing workout. The mind-muscle connection, endurance, thermo effect, caffeine free energy....Ultima cannot be beat.

    Ultima's been pretty good to me. My workout's have gone up a good 20-30% with Ultima over naNO VAPOR and Animal Pump.

    I'm lacking proper words to describe how this supplement makes me feel. In simplest terms, I just feel 'better' 30 minutes after drinking it...ready to ''do work, son'' I get home after taking this at work and I'm ready to work out and not stop. I'm able to get through my sets without fatigue, mental or physical. This is top notch stuff.
    I ordered my first tub of Ultima last month and I LOVE this stuff. Thanks for producing something that actually works!

    Dosed Ultima pre-run at a 10K road race, and it felt great. I wasn't sure how if/how the creatine would impact the run, and whether it did or not, I don't really care to write about.

    The focus that Ultima brings is the heartbeat of the product for me. During the run, I just felt dialed in. It's an unmistakable feeling that you recognize when you got it, and its unforgettable for that matter. The body can be jacked out on caffeine and turn out some impressive performances, but it'll never reach its full potential unless the mind is behind it in full force, in dedication and commitment. Ultima has without a doubt earned a spot in my "staples", which seems to be a collection that is ever-growing.

    I'm only on my 2nd week, but I'm making gains I never thought imaginable. Seriously. This stuff really is the Real Deal. No hype, just pure 100% results. Making progress each workout and have yet to build even the slightest tolerance, still feels like Day 1.

    I love Ultima. I had my 4th workout on it today( chest ) and it kicked ass again. I benched 120 pound dumbells for 6 reps, and I have never even attempted 120's before. Then I went over and did hammer strength incline, and repped 3 plates and a quater on each side no problem.

    At 255, I'm far from being a really strong guy, so those lifts are very much like being on pro-hormones to me. You guys should try stacking glycer-grow with this stuff for insane pumps.

    holy **** i didn't notice much during the first week then yesterday i hit PRs on bench and squats, and rows, which i haven't managed to do in a couple weeks (i've only been lifting seriously for a few months and my newb gains began to slow down over the past month). best part is, it didn't even feel that hard to set the PRs! and i haven't made gains on 3 lifts in one session since i first began the program. if this keeps up i will be EXTREMELY happy with my strength gains. 10/10 so far

    I love Ultima because:

    -- concentrated, jitter-free energy and focus
    -- similar drive effect at the gym without the tolerances and negatives of high doses of caffeine
    -- ^^^^ but I can take it and be asleep an hour after my last set
    -- all of the proven benefits of creatine in a form without the bloating I have experienced from monohydrate
    -- effective doses (in preferred forms) of many vitamins, minerals, electrolytes
    -- day-long increases noticed in mental alertness and activity
    -- day-long feeling of elevated mood

    Sure, it had a lot of hype. But that's because, like any other product, a promo thread was started. The difference between Ultima and the rest is generally most other products release their ingredient profile and it is met with criticism or indifference (and a lot of the indifference is just criticism that is kept private). Ultima was hard to criticize and got a lot of people who know their **** excited, and that in turn got people who recognize who on here knows their ****, excited.

    Then, with everyone excited about it, Omega's desire for near-perfection caused them to continue delaying the release, leading to anticipation and the resulting build-up of hype.

    Is it life-changing? No.

    But if I could only take one non-staple supplement, this would be it.


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