Welcome back Omega Sports!

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  1. Welcome back Omega Sports!

    Anabolicminds would like to welcome back Matt and Omega Sports to the AM team! If you are not familiar with Omega Sports, here is a bit of info:

    Founded in 2003 by current company president Matt Palada, Omega Sports® purposefully set out to be an anomaly in the sports nutrition marketplace. Instead of relaying on marketing hype, outrageous claims and dubious endorsements to sell products with the greatest profit margins available, Omega Sports® decided to develop the most technical, purest and effective products in existence based on the latest scientific information available and the direction of industry-leading experts.

    Since our inception, Omega Sports® has sacrificed growth by ignoring the more lucrative “me too” products coupled with the all-too-familiar over the top advertising. We would much rather be known as the best sports nutrition company in the world instead of the biggest.

    Through our dedication to being the best, Omega Sports® has literally changed the face of the entire sports nutrition market in a remarkably short amount of time. Some of our accomplishments include:

    Introduced the Bodybuilding community to the ultra-powerful, clinically proven ingredient for healthy bones and joints: Celadrin®.
    The first company to use the B1 Vitamin analogue, Sulbutiamine, in encapsulated energy products.
    Omega Sports® pioneered the used of Glycerol Mono Stereate (GMS) as an aid in hydration, strength and nutrient transport. GMS is now used by virtually every company in our industry.
    One of the few companies to take a no-caffeine approach to ergogenic supplementation based on available literature.
    To our knowledge, Omega Sports® as the first company to utilize the Rutaecarpine and L-Norvaline combination to “supercharge” nitric oxide products.
    Worked exclusively with Zone Halo® research to synthesize and patent both Sodium Creatine Chelate and Potassium Creatine Chelate.
    At the direction of Zone Halo® research, we developed the extraordinary Citrus Dew™ flavor profile…another industry first!

    Omega Sports® now stands as an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of the most technical, scientific products imaginable.

    We build superior supplements to produce superior athletes™.
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  2. Whoa! Welcome back , for sure!

  3. AWESOME WELCOME BACK. Good to see you back Matt. I did a log for the original Thunder and Lightning stack. Good Stuff.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Cosmo Kramer View Post
    Anabolicminds would like to welcome back Matt and Omega Sports to the AM team!
    Welcome back Matt.

  5. Welcome back!

  6. Welcome back to AM!

  7. I've often wondered why Omega wasn't on AM - you are a welcome addition!
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  8. sabbatical?
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  9. Welcome back..

  10. Welcome back! BTW, Ultima looks amazing.

  11. Thanks to everyone for the very warm welcome.

    It is indeed nice to be back home.

    I have been a very long-time member of AM and was a lurker before that, cultivating my home-brewing skills.

    It is extremely nice to get re-acquainted with people that I can truly call friends here. I also look forward to interacting and working for all of you new faces; AM certainly did blow up in the year or so that I have been gone!

    AM has always been a board like no other. I am proud to be a part of it once again and I am very excited about our future.

  12. Welcome back!
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  13. Ultima does look amazing for sure, welcome back!

  14. welcome back omega.

  15. when i first got back into bodybuilding in 2005 my first supp back was Omega creEthyl Thunder and i enjoyed it......nostalgia welcome back!
  16. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    Great to have you back!!

  17. welcome back.............. and ultima looks promising -- I'll be sure to try it out.

  18. My favorite company logo.

  19. Ah, finally! A co-worker still bitches about cre ethyl thunder being out of production. Welcome!

  20. Welcome Omega!

  21. Welcome back Omega!! I used to love that CET!! That combined w/ the Lightning was awesome!

  22. Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    Ah, finally! A co-worker still bitches about cre ethyl thunder being out of production. Welcome!
    Direct him to me site.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by custom View Post
    Direct him to me site.
    Will do!

  24. Heyyyyyyyyyyyy Matt!

    Glad to see it!
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  25. Welcome the Fukc back!
    Glad to have you on board!


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