Hey there, I'm about to reach 8 weeks off cycle from using Steel Supplements 1 andro for about 8 weeks. And followed up with their recommended alpha af for the pct.

During my 1 andro cycle I experienced a little lethargy with a heavy loss of libido. But all is well now off cycle.

My goal was to lean out and cut fat while maintaining or gaining muscle. During my cycle i went from 220 with 18% bf down to about 185 and getting just below 10%.
This was with strict dieting and workout plan.

For my second cycle I don't want to gain a lot of size and weight. But I can tell I lost a bit of definition and muscularity being off cycle. I'm currently weighing in at 190 with about 13% bf. Bf is a bit higher than normal because I came off vacation and ate a bunch of donuts, but it's whatever.

Now for the question. Since Olympus labs has a badass sale right now, I want to take advantage of it. I wasn't going to run a mother cycle, but I might as well now.

As I've been reading around a bit the recommendation is to run about 330mg a day for both 1 and 4 andro.

I understand I need an on cycle support with the 4 andro. Which is the ar1macare pro.
Do I need an estrogen blocker with that as well, or is ar1macarepro also and estrogen blocker?
I also have seen EPI taken with the 1 and 4 andro's as well. But I'm not 100% sure what that's for.
And Olympus U.K. Has like 10 things listed for post cycle therapy. Any recommendation on what to take for a 6-8 week cycle?

Edit: is it possible to do an 8 week 1 andro cycle without the need for 4 andro to combat libido loss?

Thanks for any help