Contest bulking cycle! To go BIG or stay moderate??

  1. Contest bulking cycle! To go BIG or stay moderate??

    So currently I am 24 years old, sitting about 200 pounds somewhere between 14-16%body fat. I have ran relatively moderate doses in the past, keeping test between 500-625mg a week dbol around 40-50mg ed, adrol 100mg ed etc. I was considering trying to jump my doses quite a bit to see if I notice more of a difference. I was thinking about going 1000mg test c a week for 18 weeks, deca either at 625mg for 16 weeks or at 750mg for 13 weeks, and dbol at 75mg a week. I know its a big jump, so any thoughts or opinions are greatly appreciated.

  2. With your BF I would up the test and nevermind the other two...high dose test works pretty good for building muscle and burning fat
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  3. I'm in. I will post up my recommendation later bro. Do you cruise?
    The advice I give is just that... Advice, purely my opinion. Not medical advice

  4. Lower bodyfat first. Test isn't going to burn the fat, diet will. Lean your base and your body will have better insulin sensitivity and will create more lean gains.

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