2nd cycle: test C, Tbol, Anavar, proviron. the works

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  1. Post 2nd cycle: test C, Tbol, Anavar, proviron. the works

    Ok, this is my second cycle i already have everything in hand. But i would appreciated experienced feedback on it. Does it look safe? what other things should i consider before i do ithis.

    im 6'1, 23 years old, 196lbs, 11% bodyfat.
    ive been lifting on for 3 years
    im studying exercise science, and nutrition at a university

    heres the cycle
    1. Testosterone Cypionate, 200-250 twice weekly, weeks 1-10
    2. T bol 50mg, ED, weeks 1-4
    3. Anavar 50-80-100mg, ED, weeks 3-8 ( i will taper the dose over time)
    4. Proviron 50mg ED, weeks 1-10

    3. Aromasin 12.5.mg, ED ( even E0d if need be)
    4. HCG 100 I.U, ED (

    i will also be running BPS cycle guard all the way through the cycle, aswell as extra milk thistle

    - Nolvadex, 40mg ED, 1-5
    - Clomid, 50 ED, 1-5

    Ive read a linked study on this site by eric portratz, and it outlined an HCG protocol of 100i.U every day.
    Does my PCT look solid? I really dont want to come out of this with reduced testosterone and shrinkage.

  2. Holy epic second cycle. Are you going to be able to handle all of that? What was your first cycle? Also use 100mg for the first 3 days of clomid then go down to 50 for the rest of pct. Taper down nolva 20/20/10/10

  3. i have enough of everything to taper the doses, and if i dont respond well to higher oral doses or anything else for that matter ill cut back immediately.

    ive done blood tests before and im completely healthy

    My first cycle i ran M - sten for 4 weeks with 25mg of halodrol.

    ill cut back the nolvadex and increase the clomid.

    does the HCG dose look in order, what doses have you used

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  6. 10 weeks? things are just starting to get good by then
    you'll be disappointed

  7. i basically have 2 vials of 10ml.

  8. and a bunch of orals, that ill stack. Id rather not go longer because its costly and im good with only pinning 8-10 weeks. i think ill gain close to 15-20lbs

  9. do you guys think i should just save the proviron for some other d-bol cycle down the road? or should i use it from the start with the tbol 4 weeks, anavar 4 weeks

    also should i just inject the hcg at the same time i inject test? just wondering if thats what you guys do

  10. I think you'll be incredibly disappointed
    The choice of drugs as well, it's simply weird. If you gain 10lb of real weight I'd be impressed. That's real weight as well not fat and bloat

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  12. forsure man, ill just take it easy and and do the test and t bol, thanks

  13. Quote Originally Posted by caz1238 View Post
    forsure man, ill just take it easy and and do the test and t bol, thanks
    Send the var my way

  14. I would run test for 12 weeks and save tbol for weeks 11-15. So while the test is clearing your system you will be on tbol all the way up to pct. Now if you have enough to run 6 weeks I would do that and start it a few weeks early but still run it while test clears up to pct.

  15. aight well what im gonna do is, buy another vial of test C so i can do 300mg twice weekly 1-12.

    Im gonna use 50mg tbol for 4 weeks as my kickstart

    ill take a 4 week break of the orals

    And then the last 4 weeks of the 12 week total, im going to use another 50-80mg anavar, depending.

    Question, if i used a combo of 50mg tbol & 50mg as a kickstart, would that really be that bad? is it really that much different than running 100mg of t bol?

    Ive been reading constantly that anavar has a depressing effect upon the libido. Is this just from people not taking it with test and not using proper PCT, thus causing suppression. Or does it still inherently affect the libido even when on test?

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  17. after 500mg most will find they just get bloat
    most confuse scale going up or extra inch on biceps as "size" but pictures don't lie
    If 500mg of test a week and 30mg of dbol a day for maybe 6 weeks doesn't get you big gains at your size you're doing something very wrong

    As you have already bought all this, I would personally halve your doses and run them for twice as long. Obviously you're sensible and don't run the orals for months on end and separate them out, or just pre-workout, whatever really I don't need to go into it. So if you have 3 vials, that's 250mg every 5 days for 350mg a week over 21 weeks, orals in and out when needed, very good cycle

  18. I agree on cutting the dose in half. Run test at 250-300 every week and see where it gets you. Then next cycle you can bump to 500. And use only one oral, two is overkill right now. Start slow, you will cycle again and next time you will want to go more complex so stay basic to start.

    Personally man I would just go straight test this time, and add oral or up dose for next cycle. and then increase a little more for your 3rd . No need to rush man, the only fun part is the trip so make it last as long as possible. No matter what you choose to do good luck!

  19. I don't really like this cycle much. it's short and you're basically just running a continious weak oral cycle. IMO drop var or extend the cycle
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  20. Looks pretty good. Changes I'd make:

    Run test 12 weeks as described earlier.
    Run var weeks 7-14. This will give you three weeks off orals and give you a bridge into pct while your test ester clears.

  21. just started today

    tbol, test 1ml, 250Iu HCG.

  22. alright im at the very end of my 10 week cycle. I did test 1ml twice weekly and 25mg of provirion everyday, 50mg t bol weeks 1-4, 100mg of anavar for 20 days. i was 191lbs now im 201lbs
    i had no problems besides acne.

    sorry the picture is sideways, i just wanted to give an update

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  23. Looks like it worked out well for you man. This is my first time seeing this thread, I probably would have preferred to see you doing things a bit differently. Things I would have done differently (may help you with the next cycle):

    1. Run the long-estered test an additional 2-6 weeks (12-16 total)

    2. Anavar over only 5 weeks is a bit short (dose-dependent)...it's one of those good old compounds that produce slow but extremely solid gains. Oral designer steroids, dbol, and a-bombs all make sense for 4-5 weeks. Anavar's a drug I would much rather take in small doses for a longer period of time than larger doses for a shorter period of time. It's not an oral that HITS you like the ones I mentioned above...lean gains over time my friend, lean gains. Your rather large dosage, IMO, is a waste of anavar (expensive). If you want drastic results in 4-5 weeks, use one of the compounds i mentioned.

    3. Could you explain why you chose to run proviron with everything else?

    4. I prefer 250ius of HCG be shot the night before your test injections. If you choose to do it daily, I'd do 75ius, and let us know how it goes...it's interesting because HCG has a high rate of aromatization, meaning that it tends to raise estrogen levels rather quickly after your testes produce their slight spurt of testosterone...although 100ius/day would be rather annoying in injection frequency, the interesting part is that you would logically be keeping more consistent hormone levels (both in the output of testosterone and the inevitable estrogen caused by hcg) and therefore decreasing side effects. How did this method work for you?

    5. Just in general could you explain in some detail WHY you chose the compounds you did? Seems like overkill, especially for only your second cycle (and first with test?). I can't help but feel you started grabbing a bunch of AAS you had heard good things about. At your size (no offense meant by that, I simply mean you're not competing in amateur or state-level shows), I would be limiting usage to two substances, and I would always make one of those test.

    6. And by the above theory (only 2 substances), for you I would really have liked to see you using the test and Tbol. I thought your plan looked great until the var and proviron came in...they aren't necessary components, especially when (I'm assuming) you want to build mass. They're frivolous. You know what I'd really like to see? Test run week 1-12, Tbol for week 1-4, and then ALSO run Tbol week 10-14. Kicker and a bridge. Tbol reminds me a lot of anavar in that it's slow and steady mass gains, but it certainly packs more of a punch...for those who are unaware, Tbol is essentially Dbol that does not aromatize...so it's Dbol without the bloat, and a bit less anabolic (severely less adrogenic). I've seen some great results from 4 weeks of Tbol, and the concept of bridging those 2 weeks in between your last pin and PCT? Love it! I see a lot of people do it and I approve, this is an excellent way to overcome the "slump" a lot of users seem to get within this frame of time.

    7. I would ditch the "cycle supports" products...do some research on what works for organ support. I love hawthorn berry for BP, cranberry for kidney, and I often use sam-e, NAC, or the ever-popular tudca for liver. The product has decent ingredients, but in doses that are a bit small for me, I'd rather buy individual ingredients for a sole purpose rather than throwing a cocktail of ingredients into my body and hoping it works right. Regardless, I hope it worked well for you and your blood tests were solid.
    Quote Originally Posted by Godstrength View Post
    I would run the var for the last 4 weeks so start w the tbol kicker and finish w the var.
    Why would you run var for such a short length of time?
    Quote Originally Posted by LiamTaylor View Post
    I push myself to limits everyday i train tbh, visited my mum yesterday and she said i looked a bit bigger, she doesnt know about the steroids

  24. i used the proviron because ive read that it reduces SHBG. therefore increasing the total levels of free testosterone. i also wanted to make sure i didnt get gyno, so i wanted to use proviron for its androgenic properties.

    my goal was to bulk moderately, while doing alot of power training for the first 4-5 weeks
    After the t bol was gone i used the anavar and changed my rep tempos using moderate weights with a very slow reps, while increasing my cardio and dropping my calories to cut alittle bit.

    im still on atm, its going to be about 12 weeks total

  25. i didnt want to have drastic gains, i just wanted to experiment with a few compounds that seemed to have definitive purpose.


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