Injection site is hard as rock, help

  1. Injection site is hard as rock, help

    I am injecting test for quite a long time now. I noticed that the last weeks the injection site in my buttocks is very hard and the needle gets very diffucult inside, i have to push really hard to get it inside the muscle. Why is this happening??? I use other injection sites aswell btw.

  2. Scar tissue

  3. Besides what other guys said, try to keep the pin steady when you inject, and or inject much slower. I've had a lifting partner with the same problem and he said that helped.

  4. Deep tissue massage!! Breaks alot of the scar tissue up.

  5. If it feels like you are pinning into a cork, it is scar tissue. I recently began pinning tris and delts.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by gregg1494 View Post
    Deep tissue massage!! Breaks alot of the scar tissue up.
    THIS!!! get deep tissue massages as regularly as you can. You will grow faster and your muscles will take on a new look of more separation and maturity.
    The advice I give is just that... Advice, purely my opinion. Not medical advice

  7. Was there any test prop in the injection? I get hard lumps for a week everytime I use Sustanon. Scar tissue can be broken up by rolling your glutes over a racket ball on the floor, hurts like hell but breaks up the scarring.
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  8. Could also be a decent case of inflammation
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  9. ****!!! I needa get on the deep tissue massage wave

  10. Roll ur ass cheek around on a lacrosse ball
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  11. X2 use more sites. Only use the same site once every 7 days


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