Higher deca and lower test

  1. Higher deca and lower test

    current cycle:
    1-18 Test E 500mg/wk
    1-16 Deca 400mg/wk
    1-5 D-bol 50mg ed
    1-18 .25mg ed Arimidex
    caber on hand

    I've been thinking about changing the dosing of the deca and test to something like
    deca 600mg/wk or higher and keeping test to 500mg/wk or lower, Having the deca do the majority of the building, any thoughts about this would be appreciated. I have a lot of deca on hand hate to not use it.

  2. This could be interesting but I don't think deca n test compete for the same receptor although I am not sure as I have never ran nandrolone before.

  3. with that long of a run your going to want some caber. the last time i ran deca i ran it like this

    16 weeks
    test c 1.2g per week
    deca 600mg per week
    superdrol 30-50mg weeks 1-4 and weeks 14-18

    it was fantastic but at around week 10 i started to develop a knot under my left nipple. i up my AI and it wouldnt go away. it was still there when i lowered back to my TRT dose. so i threw in some caber and and after 2 months it was gone. the prolacten or progestrone (cant member which) stay elevated in your system for a long time. i would also us estaine instead of adex. that long on adex and youll probably have some rebound actions.

    as far as your question goes yes you can do that. some peoples body does find other experience ED. ive run 1g of NPP a week with 300mg of test. it was awesome but the acne is a mother ****er. i dont know if i would trying high deca low test on a long ester cycel. i would save it for when you can run a month or two short ester and blast the **** out of NPP.

  4. NPP would have been my first choice, but this is just the way it worked out. How did you recover from your 16 wk deca cycle? or your on trt so there is no need to pct.Im not crazy about running a cycle so long, after wk 12 Im gonna assess my gains and see where Im at. With deca being a long acting compound and possible harder recovery the longer I stay on.

  5. yes on Trt you do have to recover and it was a very hard one. the acne was horiable on my chest there is mild scaring. dealling with the prolactin was pretty hard too. i developed a large knot under one of my nipples, very painful and it ozooed for a day. my prami was fake. so that had alot to do with the hard recovery. i got on caber and lectro and it went away but it took 2 months. the bottom line is if you are going to mess with deca you will experience side effects stopping at 12 weeks really will just reduce results. i would run a lower dose and run it for longer. i was using 600mg of deca with 1.2g of test, thats going to have alot more sides. 400mg of deca is a good dose, it will give you results. if it was me i would run the deca at 600 and keep test where it is. make sure you have real ancillaries. and do a legit pct. use HCG on cycle then do an HCG blast the week before you start PCT. which would be week 19. id run clomid 100/50/50/50/25, estane, DAA and keep diet going strong. thats a body transforming cylce if you dont slack.

  6. I have legit caber (pfizer) on hand, getting bunk sh*t sucks. I also have accutane for the acne if it becomes unbearable. Im working on the hcg now so should be g2g. Running 1.2g of test, 600mg deca, 50mg superdrol is a big cycle, not surprised to hear about the sides from that. I appreciate the input man, Its just that I always see people run the test higher than the deca wether it be a little or alot its always more... it got me wondering why?? if deca is suppose to be "stronger with less sides". But I guess its like you said, its how you react to the compound that will dictate.
    Side note: Im trying to figure out If I like the dbol better than superdrol..the back pumps on dbol make it hard to do deadlift and squats vs the lethargy of superdrol makes hard to do everything. Nevermind I like them both lol. I might add d-bol at the end too.

  7. there is a myth that higher test than deca prevents deca dick. its not true but its not a lie. im sure in some people the low test is the issue but in most its the prolactin. not skip on the caber or lectro. i find its best to stay ahead of the curve cuz climbing up hill is a bitch

  8. Thats the myth Im questioning, and keeping the prolactin in check on deca is a top priority, .25mg caber e3d should do it. But because of the dreaded "deca dick"
    keeps me from straying to far from standard test/deca dosing.

  9. when i blast 1g of NPP with only 150mg of test i dont get deca dick. in fact the only time i have ever had problems with my dick was running halo solo

  10. Thats alot of NPP.. isn't it stronger per mg than than deca?? would you say that it was a better cycle than say ur 1g test 600mg deca? I usually stick to domestic sources, and npp wasn't available at the time but thats what I wanted.

  11. i find it hard to say whats best, because i always feel amazing while blasting. but they are the same compound different ester so i would rate them the same. got more from the deca due to it being longer term.

    how many cycles have you ran? maybe you should just drop the deca and run a good amount of test. if its like your second or third cycle. try running 1g of test instead of mixing in deca. 1g of test is quite an experience. as far as the difference i would say the NPP seem to retain less water. that was the only difference i can think of. deca kinda gives you a rounded figure for a couple of months. but then it all peels off. Deca for the winter tren for the summer

  12. Ive ran a few test cycles over the years, test and an oral, and orals, this is my first deca experience because I am essentially trying to prepare my self for a tren run in the summer, I figure if I can handle this I will be a little closer to being able to step up to the almighty tren. I wanted to use a 19-nor even though they aren't in the same league.

  13. Ive never ran a gram of test though.

  14. its intense and will have you feeling great. recovery easier than a deca run in my opinion too. trens fun, theres really no set way to do this just do it learn from your mistakes and try not to grow floppy nipples. i think your G2G

  15. Best advise in last post. Don't grow floppy nips.

    Definitely do 1g of test before starting to mess with deca.

    I did npp for a month before summer while on prop and it was messing with my dick. First time I've ever had a problem in that aspect. I dropped that **** and went onto tren which I love.

  16. yeah deca can be a tricky ****. DH says never use it and he is probably right, Tren gives better results and sides are equally as bad. 1g of test should have you prepared for the sides of tren or atleast to have an idea of what to do.

  17. Yeah Im gonna see how I respond to the deca Im on week 5, up 14 lbs so far, mostly from the dbol. I increased the dose to 700 test and 500 deca..but really I've been thinking about dropping the deca and just running tren already.

  18. if your already on deca ride it out. if you change youll have wasted the cycle. deca is good ****. i personally love the stuff, jsut sides can be a bitch. stay the coarse.

  19. Thanks for sharing your experience its much appreciated.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by csa2179 View Post
    . . .when i blast 1g of NPP . . .
    wow. you're one crazy SOB. i almost don't want to ask but, how high have you run tren?
    AM sucks ass. find me on ASF or IMF.

  21. I wanna second that

  22. Quote Originally Posted by csa2179 View Post
    when i blast 1g of NPP with only 150mg of test...
    yeah this dose popped my eyesballs open a bit..

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Slappy244 View Post
    wow. you're one crazy SOB. i almost don't want to ask but, how high have you run tren?
    **** i can barely get tren up to 100mg a day. tren ****s me up. i normally run tren at 50mg ed.

    i blast NPP at 150mg ed for 3 weeks with next to no try and throw in some winny and mast you will have a new favorite blast.

    i normally run maste at 200-400mg every week year round. so that plus winny keeps the sides of the NPP down. try it out i think youll like it. just dont try and do it for 8 wekks. and make sure your running lectro .5 ed and caber .5 x2 a week

  24. so when you ran NNP did you feel and difference in your joints? I have always run Deca no higher than 600 a week because it makes all my aches and pains disappear

  25. idk, but i did notice i felt ****ing amazing


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