After cycle- Cleansing Ideas?

  1. After cycle- Cleansing Ideas?

    I want to do some type of a regenerating "cycle". There is a lot of talk on what to juice and how to recocer hormones but not much on recovering ur actual organs. I was thinking high dose herbs like cranberry and saw palmetto. Also cardio/sauna Ed for a week would probably be very beneficial.

    Anybody wana share any other approaches?

  2. Your organs do a pretty awesome job at that by themselves so long as they aren't being hammered by anything...

  3. Ok....

  4. I've done the 2 paks a day of the animal pak and one of those 14 day cleanses after a blast. I don't how much it helped tho.

  5. time and staying off the juice. thats really the only way to cleanse the AA receptors. to detox the liver and kidneys, white meats only, spinach every day and lots and lots of water

  6. The only thing I have ever heard that you can take to speed up the process of your receptors clearing is DNP. That said I would not touch DNP and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I personally like to run ephedra and a detox after PCT.

  7. I think so long as you just stay off the juice, follow a proper PCT, keep eating clean you should be good to go. I have heard of some people taking benadryl for a week or 2 after, cant say I know for sure if that does anything.
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  8. Antioxidants and Milk Thistle.


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