Input on next mass gain cycle.

  1. Input on next mass gain cycle.

    I am an experienced user with a lot of years of training.

    Coming off of a cut, i need to put on some Mass this off season. (probably won't begin for another 2-4 months)

    Last off season I ran 12 weeks of eq/te blend (200/200) and deca 250 and anadrol 50mgs for 6 weeks.
    per week: 400eq. 400te. 500deca. 50mgs anadrol (for first 6)
    PCT was: HCG, nolva, clomid, adex.

    I believe the anadrol killed my appetite and I never fully recovered (throughout the cycle), I would not like to use anadrol again, at least not at that dose.

    This off season i'm considering the eq/te blend again 400/400 per week.

    I'm thinking about including Masterone (Drostanolone Enanthate 150mg, Drostanolone Propionate 50mg) at 400mgs per week. (never used it beofre...thoughts on this??)

    Also I think some might suggest increasing the test to 600week, that would be doable.

    Dbol 40mgs per day, or adrol 25mgs + dbol 20mgs. For first 4 weeks.

    adex .5 - 1mg per day (as needed)

    I would also consider Deca.

    Thanks for any Input.

  2. Deca for size

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