Dr STraight or any other medical doctor

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    Dr STraight or any other medical doctor

    I'm on the road riding my Knucklehead (motorcycle) down to Florida. It's a kick-start only. Just before Florida, I kicked it over but it ignited half way through the kick and kicked back. The kick back was so powerful it broke my fibula. It's a simple fracture. I had it x rayed today and can post the x ray if needed. My question is since it's not a weight bearing bone, can I just let it heal on it's own with no cast? I may wear a boot (cam?) if I can get one, but I don't want to be in a cast this summer. I was going to hit the HGH and try to keep it protected, but with no cast. I understand what the bone does and all, but off the record, can I get by with no cast? I'm sitting in a motel room here in Florida.

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    "Broke my bone? No, thank you, I don't need a cast. I'll use growth hormone instead" (sorry your sh1ts broke btw...good luck)
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    Hope you have a speedy recovery! Might I add that you shouldn't ride a bike >.< they are a killer. They are also really sick bikes.

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    You'd be good, boss. Like you said, it's not a weight bearing bone, it's only purpose is to serve as an attachment surface for muscles. Athletes can compete with broken fibulas if they so desire. Especially if it's just a simple fracture as you have said.There was an American sprinter who ran his split in the Olympics who did it with a broken fibula. No need for a cast. Just HGH it up and you'll be good in no time.

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