Favorite Cycles

  1. Favorite Cycles

    I wanted to see what cycles AM members enjoy the most.

    My favorite cycle that I have use a few times is:

    Weeks 1-12 testosterone enanthate 375 mg once per week
    weeks 1-3 superdrol 20 mg Ed
    weeks 1-13 winstrol 30-40 mg Ed
    weeks 1-13 adex .5 eod
    weeks 14-15 nolvadex 40 mg Ed
    weeks 16-17 nolvadex 20 mg ed

    this cycle transforms me every time with no sides. I usually do a heavy bulk (high cals) for 3 to 4 weeks. A lean bulk for for around 5 weeks ( a little over maintenance. Then the rest I cut with a slight deficit. I am a beleaver in low doses as you can see. I know people hate winstrol but a low dose for a few weeks works great for me.

    I think my next cycle which will be.

    Weeks 1-9 test e 300 mg
    weeks 1-8 tren e 200 mg
    weeks 7-10 winstrol 30-40 mg winstrol

    I might flip the test and tren doses. this will be my first tren run so I'm excited.

    Anyway, post some of your favorites and/or potential favorites


  2. 1-10 test p 300mg per week pinning ed
    1-8 tren ace 75mg ed
    1-4 dbol 50 mg ed

    Great strength gains

  3. I like to keep my cycles simple. straight Test 800 wk, high cals 16 wks wicked results. Then cut back to maintenance and train hard.

  4. i believe in low doses too but many compounds.

    Mast Di-P

    all 50mgs eod

    if i use a oral it is winny @ 50-100mgs ed

  5. Care cause tren will do the work but is a bitch.
    i think this ****ed up my psychology without any serious reason and had many fights with my girlfriend.
    Some say dont run it for long time and report many sides but i run it for 18 weeks 400mg till 10weeks and then 600.It was great.Strenth went to the roof.Gains were massive and i am not gonna lie but my diet could have been better.

  6. 300-400mg Test/Deca and 20mg Dbol daily. Great gains if eating/training properly and low sides.
    Lift heavy and eat lots of dead animals! Yes, that's me in my avatar.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by bad rad View Post
    300-400mg Test/Deca and 20mg Dbol daily. Great gains if eating/training properly and low sides.
    ^^^Agree...favorite by far


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