Alright. After previous critiques (and I thank those who have very much)

I've decided my first Injected cycle to be Test C and only that.

Personal stats:
Age: 24 (25 come cycle, 3 months out)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 210 (202 in reality. Have water weight from creatine)
Bf%: ~17% (next three months to cut about 3-4%)

Notable lifts:
Deadlift: 225 x 10 1mr 315 w/o belt.
Bench: 185x6 1mr 225
Squat: unknown just don't squat often.
Leg press: 760 x 15 1mr unknown. Haven't tried gathering all the 45lb plates up to try.

Diet (not very detailed)

5 meals/day. Mostly steel cut oats, chicken, broccoli and brown rice.
Yes it needs a **** load of work.

Daily supplements. Whey, fish oils, BCAA's, glutamine, ad DAA 3x/wk.

Teat Cyp - 10mL 250mg/mL
(500mg/wk) wks 1-16
Considering 700mg/ wk **!! Still seeking quality source !!**

Anadrol 50mg ED wks 1-4 ???

On cycle:
Aromadex (Exemistane*maybe*)- .25mg EoD, wks 1-8
.5mg EoD, wks 9-16
Letrozole- 4+ wks on hand for emergency anti-gyno
HCG- e3d starting wk 5 ending wk 14
Pramipexole/cabergoline (prolactin antagonist)

Post-Cycle: 2wks after last pin

Nolvadex- 40/40/40/20/20/20

Seeking detailed critique.
Main areas of focus. Protection brands/names. And something to combat water retention or bloat.