Test c cycle / 5 weeks in???? Run eq

  1. Test c cycle / 5 weeks in???? Run eq

    I know im guna get blasted for this but im 6 weeks into my first test c cycle 500mg a week...... I was told by a buddy to keep takin test e and to start takin equ at 10 weeks. So that would be 20 weeks on test and 10 on equp. I ve tried researching but hey even if i get blasted im still learning.

  2. takes EQ a long time to "kick in"

    even if you started it at wk 10, by wk 20 it would not be peaked IMO.

    and if this is your first cycle, cool it. just save it for next cycle, and start it from the beginning. no need to half ass it now

  3. Ok sounds good man i just needed a 2nd opinion

  4. Wat Rico said

  5. So how long should i take eq for?

  6. typically the entire length of your cycle.

  7. 14+ weeks
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  8. So i twofold require a 14+ week cycle with test? Btw thanx for the help

  9. *would


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