20 week cycle of test

  1. 20 week cycle of test

    Wats your guys take on a 20 week test cycle with equipoise at the second 10 weeks? Would I need more pct than a 10 week cycle i know the general rule is time on=time off thanks for your input.

  2. Run the eq from start and stop it early if u wish.

    Test 1-20
    Eq 1-16

    Look around ull find a lot of info on eq.

  3. Ok thanx alot

  4. How many cycles have you done in the past, doses, etc.

  5. None this would be my first.

  6. I just was told that i would grow the most off my 1st cycle

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ibanez87 View Post
    None this would be my first.
    I highly recommend not doing a 20 week test/ 10-16 week EQ cycle as our first. Just do 12 weeks test at 500mg and add dbol or tbol as a kickstart if you must. You will grow the most your first cycle but there is a point where you almost stop growing

  8. Quote Originally Posted by ibanez87 View Post
    I just was told that i would grow the most off my 1st cycle
    But isn't than painfully obvious? You will grow nearly 95% of your potential on 500mg of testosterone per week for 12 weeks. After that, you can take 1.5grams of test, 1gram of dbol, deca and whatever else, and the most you can hope for is about 5% more than you had on 500mgs of test per week. That doesn't mean that once you hit that 95% mark, you can't develop more refined, defined and quality muscle, but that will come with lifting and eating right. I would recommend just 500mgs of test for 12 weeks like the other guy said. You'll start to notice it around week 4.

  9. Ok sounds like a plan i appreciate the useful information thanx alot


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