Hello all

  1. Hello all

    Hello everyone im about to start using some cypionate 250 from natural science labs has anyone heard of them or used them? My busdy that got it swears by them but iv never heard pf them ao im kinda ify on it but i have it in hand and will start cycle next week any info im greatfull for thanks.

  2. how much are you gonna be running a week?

  3. Hey uncleT im planning on running 2 pins a week or 500 mg what u think? And iv got enough to get me 10 weeks on it

  4. yeah twice a week will keep your blood levels more stable. Im about to start 600 mg of test e this next week or 2/300mg shots a week to begin with. Im running it for at least 12 weeks though. ****in stoked! **** a summer cut, clean bulking for another year straight

  5. Have u ever heard of natures science labs? Im stoked about starting but not knowing how reputable it is as a lab

  6. Never heard of them but there's so much underground stuff it's insane.
    Some UG is local and it's someone in your own area brewing.

  7. Yeah thats for sure will it looks legit looks g2g and my buddies are using it. Ill give it a try cant wait to start. Plan on running a clomid pct 2 weeks after my last pin

  8. Heard they are legit, My gears from an underground lab as well. I was a little hesitant to buy at first but I've seen the results from my circle and did my research, so I felt a lot more comfortable.

  9. UncleT u got suggestion on pct? and u think my cycle is long enough as far as 10 weeks pct consits of clomid aand nolva

  10. I would personally do at least 12. Mine was planned for 12 but I might jump to 14. As far as pct everyone has their own opinions and different reactions with their bodies. I'm trying to perfect my pct at the moment. I have clomid on hand, waiting to start till I can get some nolva and arimidex. How old are you bro?

  11. Im 34 bro

  12. Source talk isn't allowed here.

  13. Source talk nobody mentioned a source here bro brand maybe but not a source or any contact. A source is were to get it how to get it and tht was never said so chill


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