Need Help!!!

  1. Need Help!!!

    I'm not sure if I have an infection or not let me know what you guys think.
    I did my first pin on sunday afternoon in my right thigh. I realize this now but I mistakenly injected 500mg Test E and 200mg of Deca into the same site. I wiped the site and the rubber stoppers. I did two separate injections because I am in experienced with drawing two into one.

    On monday my leg just felt a little sore at the injection site. Tuesday the pain got worse and leg began to turn red about a four inch diameter around the site. It also began to swell and is hard to bend my leg. the tenderness goes from about the top right of my knee to about two inches from my glute. I'm not sure if its just tissue irritation or if I have an infection.

    What do you guys think?

  2. Sounds like it could be cellulitus. I would def go to dr before you loose your leg.

  3. It's always a tough call, especially if you're inexperienced. If you do not have a low grade fever, and if you don't see red tracks extending beyond the circle, it "may" be nothing to worry about. The pain is normal, but the redness isn't. If it turned black and blue, I'd say nothing to worry about. You could take an erasable magic marker and circle the red. See if it gets bigger tomorrow. If so, I'd see your doctor to play it safe, or if you get a fever, then don't wait, go to Urgent Care of the ER.

  4. Thanks Hammer. The redness is almost a pinkish color. Not the typical redness of an infected cut. Also idk if this is a typical sign of infection or not but where I injected the needle it can no longer be seen. I would think that if it was infected it would try to escape out of the skin at that location.

  5. What Hammer said.

    But I thought I had infection my first few times just because my muscles were fresh and I sucked at doing it/hand would shake a lot causing to extra bruise the site.

    Go to doctor if site enlarges.

  6. It sounds like your inexperience caused the irritation. It's normal to be sore when you first start pinning. You've got those virgin muscles and you really don't know what the hell your doing yet. As long as you don't get a fever and start getting sick you should be fine. The most important thing was that you were sterile and as long as the gear isn't dirty you should be fine. And the fact that you stuck a second needle in the same site wasn't smart either. Put both in the same needle next time. Your gonna have several screw ups in the future with injecting. It's part of the learning curve. Just wait till you get your first abscess. That will scare the **** out of you lol. The biggest worry with injections is getting an infection from being unsterile or having dirty gear. As long as your good there everything else is manageable.


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