First time with dbol - prep work

  1. First time with dbol - prep work

    Hey there,
    I'm gonna make this short and sweet. I'm a long time lurker and new to Dbol. I am 25 years old with a solid 4-5 years of training...currently 214 at 6'2" and if I had to guess i'm probably 12-15% BF. I have had experience with multiple PH's including Epi-tren and M-drol to name a few. I had the best gains with Epi-tren, but i'm looking to go to the next level. I would like to see myself get to or as close to 240 as possible with big strength gains as well.

    I've read so many different things and its hard to gauge which route to go.. Any good reading sources would be appreciated. I was planning on running with Dbol only, but i've heard that is not always the best choice. I'm looking on a 4-6 week cycle, but wondering if I should lean more towards the 4 or 6. I intend on running PCT assist before, throughout and after for added liver support, with Clomid as the PCT. I'm most curious about dosages on the Dbol and as to taking it at set times throughout the day or an AM dose and pre/post workout doses.

    Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? I apologize if I am asking the wrong questions or not presenting it properly as the TOS would like.


  2. add test to it

  3. First of all no 6 week cycle is going to get you to 240 unless its mostly water weight and fat. You need to be more realistic like a solid 10 lb gain. I suggest adding test prop to it, if you add test e your gonna want to run it 12 weeks. 50 mg test e a day should be plenty with 30 mg dbol day. I will warn you that test p has a lot of pip and it won't be pleasant at first. That's why I suggested 50 mg day. Split the dbol dose up during the day, like morning, afternoon, and night.

  4. If your going to run dbol only (with test would be better, to each his own), I would run a 6 week cycle at a conservative dose. 25-30 Mgs. But that's just me. Work hard and eat a lot and you could gain a good chunk of weight, 240 is a bit unreasonable, but eat like it was possible.

  5. Hey guys,
    Thank you for the response. After a few weeks of research and deciding what will be best I have chosen to run Dianabol along with Test E. As many say it is the best way to do it, and I believe I am at my point where I am ready to take that next step. Currently as of 4/1/13 I am weighing in at 217lbs with nothing other than some Whey, D-Stunner pre-workout, and Cell Mass as my aids. I see that most stress to run Dianabol for about 4-5 weeks, and the Test E will be 12 weeks or so. With the combination of Test E, will the 4 week run of Dianabol be sufficient?

    My next question is with this cycle is HCG a recommendation or something that I absolutely need to run along side my Clomid? I personally never experienced (or none that I noticed) any sides from any of the pro-hormones I have used in the past. I did have a mild case of gynecomastia since a child, but after being fed up I finally had it removed via surgery about two years ago. This is obviously one of everyone's concerns, and I am hoping being post-op it will be easier to spot if I do undergo those sides. There is a noticeable difference in the way my chest/nipples look compared to most after having the tissue removed.

    Thanks again.

  6. 4-5 weeks of dbol should be fine. Also 12 weeks of test e sounds fine.

    Hcg helps, not a nessesity though, but can make your testes start functioning again. Which Is a good thing.

    Don't take hcg during pct, either a few high doses the last couple of weeks, or a steady dose from weeks 6-11 or so. Do some researching.

    Get an AI to combat bloat and gyno flare ups.

  7. Hey dude I want to follow this. You really don't need to run anything with dbol to be honest with my 4 week cycle of dbol I saw the gains quick and didn't run a pct and kept the gains just lost about 2 pounds but mostly water weight. But I kept my strength and size l.

  8. Check my new thread in this section of the forums. You might be interested
    The advice I give is just that... Advice, purely my opinion. Not medical advice

  9. Quote Originally Posted by DangerDave View Post
    Check my new thread in this section of the forums. You might be interested
    I just had a chance to read it..good stuff. This will be my only cycle for this year and depending on how it goes I may try again next year.

    Things are looking good..I have plenty of Clomid and Exemestane on hand. My dbol and test e will be picked up this evening and I am planning to begin this Wednesday. I also have some liver support on the way.

    I will be running test e @250x2 a week and dbol 30mg 3x a day.
    Clomid will be 40/40/40eod/40eod.

    Any other recommendations? Anything else to supplement either of these for my first go with them?


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