First cycle using winstrol.

  1. First cycle using winstrol.

    I've been doin some research, and although I'm fairly new to the anabolics, I understand that winny is one of the better cutting anabolics? And I'm just wondering as to this bein my first cycle, what kinda doses are we talking about? I've heard a couple of different things and just wondering what's best. I workout everyday. I'm 5 foot 9 and 218lbs, my body fat is 28%, according to my digital scale at home, my arms and chest is solid, but my quads and hamstrings and mid section could use a good trimming. My diet consist of 8 oz of baked chicken, 1/2 cup of brown rice and 1 cup of green beans or peas, 3 times a day. Thank you for any and all advice and knowledge

  2. Or you could learn to diet and cardio and not use anabolics because its very unwise to do so when at really high bf%

  3. It's will also be fairly easy to lose bf with a proper diet and cardio

  4. Appreciate it, I've been losing for over a month now. It seems like I've plateaued off. I've lost 26lbs since, and I don't have cheat days.

  5. Cut calories and up cardio.

    Eat less move more.

  6. or look into Carb cycling. It has helped me lose lots of fat, 65 lbs over the years

  7. Quote Originally Posted by thyrod View Post
    Cut calories and up cardio.

    Eat less move more.
    Unfortunately, your body is much more complex than that. The calories in vs calories out has been disproved so many times in so many studies. 2000 cals of carbs is completely different than 2000 of fat or protein.
    Not trying to attack you, but eating less may result in WEIGHT lost, but what % of that will be muscle? I believe most people are attempting FAT loss, which needs a different angle of attack. Instead of eat less, perhaps better said is eat different

  8. My diet has been working, I eat plenty I feel, and of the right things

  9. How does carb cycling work? Never heard of that?

  10. this has been the missing piece to my low-carb diet. check it out
    carbnite dot com

  11. If what you outlined for your diet is true you wouldn't be overweight........

  12. This is what I've been eating for the past month. I haven't always ate like this, I wrestled and played football I'm high school but when I got out I was working all the time and ate mostly just nasty and greasy fast food.

  13. Diet is hardest. Just eat tilapia and rice 5-7 times a day. Tilapia is expensive? Not really cuz u won't eat nothing else. No shakes or any supplements. Promise u get ripped

  14. Carb cycle with a 3 day plan. High moderate low. I am currently on that plan for an upcoming NPC Men's Physique competition. If done properly with fasted cardio you will see results.
    Instagram: @njphysique

  15. I would not resort to winny until you are in the 15-18% bf range. According to the stats you provided you're obese, and the health risks of adding synthetic hormones to your body, at this point, far out weigh the potential benefit. Tilapia are pangasius are not that expensive if you get the frozen bulk package (just got 4lbs of pangasius for $10). Try HIIT cardio along with carb cycling.

    If you really want to take something, why not go for a fat burner (like alphamine)? The risk there would be hypertension, but winny would do that also. Fat burners are cheaper than stano.
    AM sucks ass. find me on ASF or IMF.


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