New revised 2nd cycle

  1. New revised 2nd cycle

    Stats 5'8 24 85kg

    1st cycle test 600 week 12 50mg dbol 6 weeks

    So I'm part way through my 2nd cycle Test 500 week 15 weeks Deca 400 week 13weeks Dbol 60mg 6weeks

    I'm just starting week 11 and am thinking of extended to 18 and 16 weeks and putting anavar in at week 12 and running it up until pct so for 8 weeks. Would like some suggestions on this new plan and dosages on var, was thinking 100mg aday?

  2. yea its fine. ill tell u straight up ur dbol was underdosed, cuz at 60mg of the **** i get i literally wouldnt be able to walk around, not even talking about training. after 2 sets, massive painful pump. or after 200meter walk, my calfs are so pumped up i cant walk.

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