Is it possible to stay on Ph for long periods of time?

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  1. Re: Is it possible to stay on Ph for long periods of time?

    He said sd and dmz my apologies.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Montego1 View Post
    He said sd and dmz my apologies.
    o.O I don't like that combo...but people seem to like it, the Super DMZ 2.0 has it IIRC...ugh...too much haha.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    ehh, y not just run 16 weeks of test
    Best advice in this thread. To the OP - your "friend" should really consider this advice. I've said it before and I'll say it again...if cost is such a huge issue, don't cycle. People who are serious about lifting and purchase anabolics for that purpose (and are intelligent human beings) take time to save up an appropriate amount of money for whatever cycle they may be running. If you'd prefer to cycle orals for 6 months instead of paying a bit more for a much smarter idea, I really can't see you buying appropriate supports and PCT. I really can't see you spending any money on appropriate blood work either. This entire plan sounds extremely spur-of-the-moment, under-researched, and immature.

    It's not as simple as "pay x and then run cycle." Trust me when I say that you may find you need additional supps and drugs when you get into the cycle, no one can predict exactly how they will react to any substance. Are you just going to let the side effects wreak havoc (har har) on you to save some money?

    If you were to do this, I would be willing to write up all of the supports that I would want you to take to try and stay safe, although they won't guarantee security. I can tell you right now my friend, those support supps will rack up a bill much higher than any test cycle possibly could. The idea that this thread is about - it's a bad idea, take it at that.
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    I push myself to limits everyday i train tbh, visited my mum yesterday and she said i looked a bit bigger, she doesnt know about the steroids

  4. It's all dumb. Test is best. End.

  5. Is it possible to stay on Ph for long periods of time?

    I wouldn't....

  6. That appears to be stupid in my opinion. Thus leading me to believe that ur "friend'' is underage and did no research. After those 5 months, we will not have the quality of health he did b4. If hes willing to accept that for a few ****ty OTC gains, tell the genius to go ahead. His liver will be trashed.


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