rbc ( hemo+hema) and aas

  1. rbc ( hemo+hema) and aas

    any insight would be appreciated ... ok , so ive been going to dr. for regular phelabotomys (sp) my hemoglobins were 20.1 and hematacrits 57.4 !!! yea , walking stroke ... they are down now to 15.1 and 43.5 now ...all the while running 175mg test a week ... my question is , does anyone know which aas , if any , effect the rbc counts the least ??? seems high androgen stuff like anadrol would be worse , problem with that theory is deca and eq ...

  2. Probably the worse thing you can put in your body is equip. It will thicken your blood like glue. Anadrol is bad too. It's all dose dependent though. I never had a problem with 200mg of test per week. hat's my TRT dose and all my vitals are good at that dose. Primo is relatively easy on the blood. Although deca has been regarded as somewhat easy on the RBC, I wouldn't experiment with Nandrolone on any level. Tren is bad too...It's rumored that Dbol can actually lower RBC, but I'm not convinced... I take aspirin which helps. It doesn't lower the RBC but it lowers the platelet count, helping control clotting. Donating blood is supposed to help, but my friend did that and his RBC was unaffected. It takes about 120 days for your RBC to return to normal after elevating it, so don't expect immediate results.

  3. thank you ...was thinking primo as well .... any thoughts on anavar or turinabol ??? 40-50mg ...

  4. They all will... Like I said, it's dose dependent; the more anavar the more sides. 50mgs of anavar probably won't do much in the way of RBC or gains. By the time yu take enough anavar to see gains you're up to where you'd be with test.

  5. have u tried the blood cell donation ? its a procedure, like donating regular blood, but they take out a lot of Red blood cells(rbc) and replace it with filler/thinner.

  6. EQ is probable the worst. My RBC count always goes up just doing 500mg of Test a week for 10 weeks. I think they all raise it some. My MCHC was a bit high and my MPV.


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