THG- opinions/thoughts/experiences?

  1. THG- opinions/thoughts/experiences?

    So i can get my hands on this compound called THG, some refer to is as The Clear. I did a quick research, it appears many olympians got busted with it lol, i take that as a good sign.

    Anyone experience it first hand?

    It only comes in 100mg and 20pills/pack, so i can do either 20 or 40days.

  2. From what I have read on it, unless you are going to be tested for steroids there is no reason to take it. There are more powerful less toxic substances out there.
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  3. im being told this compound is straight awesome in regards to body change/muscle building, and that you keep most of your gains after cycle.

    but it makes sense now why its called "the clear" ...

  4. Ask Patrick Arnold. He would know more about this than anyone on this board
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