Hey guys, first, just want to thank all you guys out there for all the info I have gotten from the forums. been a member for a while, haven't posted though. So, any way, here's my situation I want to share. Started a cycle back in mid summer,can't really remember dates. In all my wisdom,LOL, I decided to go with t400 for my first cycle. Thinking oh man what a good bang for your buck.Big mistake! pip was unbearable,I only got to week three and said f it. So, 5 weeks ago started another cycle, different brand/source depot test 250 mg/ml. injections are smooth,little pip, but I'm pretty sure this stuff is bunk. No results,no sides, nada. gained about 5 lbs but have been eating extra cals. no above average strength increase. So... I guess its to the lab for some bloods, anybody know where to go to get cheap lab work done? my doc will prob run me 200 bucks, and I dont want the results in my record. Do those saliva test work?

  2. Look at the stickies. They have a cheap way through privatelabmd or something

  3. Man,forgive my ignorance but what are stickies?

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    Man,forgive my ignorance but what are stickies?
    The threads that always stay at the top of the forums. In the anabolics forum one of the threads near the top is about where you can get cheap bloodwork. If you sign up for their newsletter you'll get a 15% off code in your email every month, brings the female hormone panel down to $51.

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  5. thnks

  6. What muscles were you pinning with the test 400? How long did you use the second one?
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    Pin the kittens with the tren, then attack the judges with the kittens, uppity bastards

  7. With the t400 I pinned glutes and quads well 1 quad, the quads completely crippled me, I seriously could have used a cane. The glutes were very painful, training legs was out for at least 5 days after an injection. all in all I was crippled for a month on that cycle. I have heard pinning along w deca helps though, but I'll never try it again.As for the current cycle ,Im still on, gonna get labs done next week hopefuly. Still hangin on hope that its just a slow start.

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