Let's Talk Low-Dose Test/High-Dose Tren...

  1. Let's Talk Low-Dose Test/High-Dose Tren...

    ...because I believe it deserves a thread for itself. I've noticed some discussions on other forums that have grown quite large with people backing this combination (search google for "Laws of Trenbolone), and many claim to not only gain better off of it, but to DRASTICALLY decrease their side effects. Typical dosing suggests taking test @ TRT levels (100-150mg), and running tren at least twice as high (most will do a lot more than twice as high). A common cycle for a first-timer to tren would be test @ 100mg and tren @ 350mg, but of course everyone will be a bit different.

    This thread can also serve as a discussion point for caber/prami, since knowledge over the past few years has suggested that running tren without one or the other on-hand would be quite idiotic, very much like running test without an AI on-hand. On that note, I'd like some discussion on what kind of dosages of AI to run on low-dosed test.

    Also am interested to see some experienced users comment on why so many people see drastically decreased sides (acne, sweating, trensomnia) with low-dose test. I've always figured it was the decrease in aromatization and subsequently the decrease in estrogen levels, but of course this is a bit open to debate.

    Enough of me talking. Hopefully this thread can generate some positive discussion and suggestions in regards to this combination.
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  2. The problem with even dosed test to tren is the fact that tren is so amazing at binding to the receptors test is trying to get to. Thus more and more test more free floating test not getting bonded to a receptor, which normally means more and more aromatase making more estro, thus more sides. You should still have caber on hand or prami.
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