Test E/deca/dbol opinions before I start

  1. Test E/deca/dbol opinions before I start

    I am setting up for a cycle and I would like some opinions. I have had pre existing gyno all my life which i had removed from surgery but there is still some lingering in my left side. I was told I had slightly high prolactin levels but they said it was nothing to worry about.

    I am set up to do this cycle
    Weeks 1-10 test E 500mg/ week
    Weeks 1-10 deca 250mg/week
    Weeks 1-6 Dbol 40mg/day
    Weeks 1-10 .5mg adex ed

    What I am worried about is the deca with my prolactin issues, If anyone in the same boat has any experience with this stack has any advice that would be great. I am thinking of dropping the Deca just to be safe or adding it later? Or should I take caber while on cycle as well or will the adex prevent me from getting sensitive in my left side

    I will have letro on hand and nolva pct

  2. Take Caber in addition to the adex. Arimidex will cover your estrogen sides while the caber will cover your prolactin sides. A starting dose of .25mg e3d is pretty standard. Although, because you are prolactin sensitive you can do .5mg e3d.

    Also, the adex dose can be changed to .5mg eod as the half life is around 48hrs. Try it at that and up it if you need to. No use in using more than needed.

    That's my .02

  3. Oh and I just realized...bump your deca to 350mg/week and run it for 8 weeks.

  4. Yea, thanks I am going to run deca at 250 first if I am not getting sides ill up it. And I meant to say week 1-8 deca so that its out of my system before the test so that it doesnt react badly from the Nolva pct

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