Test vs Bipolar?

  1. Test vs Bipolar?

    hey guyswhats good?i have a questing regarding testosterone injectys, any blend of them, i was wondering if anyone here who is bipolar has used test and didnt have any problems? problems i meanlike mood swings, intensed anger,idk anything i shouldworry about. yes im bipolar and on medication and i can control my anger. havent been pissed in a long time haha but yeah help me out guys

  2. Hey man. Im bipolar too. I have a theory with test as i only have one cycles worth of experience with it. It will make u slightly more of whatever u were before. *******s tend to be bigger *******s when on test, but i am happy to say this was not my experience. I felt stable as hell the whole way through. Even better mentally than i was b4 and ive been off of it for over a month! It improved my life for the better, and didnt interfere at all. I didnt wanna come off! I understand my experience is unique, but i waited to try test until i was 3 years into my medication regiment and felt completely comfortable adding in another variable. Just be safe man. If u have doubts id say dont do it yet. also i did a low dose of 100mg of prop EOD for only about 8-9 weeks

  3. yeah i was thinkin test cype 200mg/week haah ive done 2PH cycles and wanna do test so i was wondering but thanks for the ffeedback bro

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