Microwaving/Heating Gear

  1. Microwaving/Heating Gear

    Is there any way that microwaving gear about 1 minute, prior to drawing/injecting, will damage the hormone?

  2. pull it in the syringe and run hot water over it.... 5-10 sec under the hot water and it will be good. why do you need to heat it? trying to push it through a slin pin?

  3. Yep, you got it. I prefer slin pins the majority of the time and heating it makes drawing/injecting much smoother.

  4. I wouldn't do that.
    Just run it under warm/hot water.

    Do you think a hospital puts ANY chem in the microwave?
    Get shredded or die mirin'

  5. A microwave is finely tuned to stimulate the hydrogen-oxygen bond present in water molecules. Microwaves can actually cleave the oxygen-oxygen bond in hydrogen peroxide (a relatively unstable bond), turning it into water.

    Without actually knowing the resonant frequencies of the specific compound bonds, I would say there is a chance for the molecular structure of your gear to rearrange if exposed to a tuned energy source.

    Any weak or unstable bonds exposed to an energy source are prone to undergoing unwanted changes. All steroids have a four ring base structure which could possibly be susceptible to this type of attack. Any double bonds or weak hydroxyl bonding would be as well.

    Jn summary, just heat it up in a warm water bath.

  6. Ive always put a little water in a coffee cup and heated it up for 45 seconds and then set the vial in there for a few seconds. Makes for smooth drawing and injecting.
  7. Re: Microwaving/Heating Gear

    You can also use a blow dryer on the vial or syringe

  8. ThY would take too long... Hot water it's good in like 10-15 sec

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