Primobolan Acetate Oral, Yellow Vision WTF!

  1. Primobolan Acetate Oral, Yellow Vision WTF!

    I'm been running 1g of test as a base, and added in some primo ace orally today. I'v never used it before, and figured since its supposedly 50% weaker then injectable, id use 200mg/day. I started out with 400mg today for the first time just too get the ball rolling. I haven't noticed much except it feels like I'm much dryer, however, my vision has developed a yellow tint!

    Everything is under a tinge of yellow. Especially when driving, headlights look deeper yellow, blues look green.

    Its been about 8hrs since ingestion, and its thankfully starting to wear off visually...but what the hell was that?

    According to SARM research, this is a common side effect from the SARM stimulating the retina receptors. Anyone ever experienced this sort of thing on strong androgens?

  2. Any help here guys?

    It been 20hrs and now my vision is back to normal. I'm afraid to continue, should I keep going at 100mg?

  3. Do you trust your source? Without question?

    I have never heard of this

    Maybe it was something unrelated to the ingestion of the primo
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  4. Yes, without a doubt trust the source. I seem to be harder/drier then yesterday. I took 50mg again today w/ no visual sides. However, I'm terrified of letting the ester built up and seeing yellow for 72 hours lol.

    I figured tomorrow Ill try 100mg, divided into 2x 50mg doses AM/PM. And Ill continue that for 3 days, then step up to 150 3days, 200 3 days. And keep it at 200.

    However, given that its Acetate ester, if my initial dose was 400mg, and I experienced a side effect related to that dosage, the only active amount released would have peaked somewhere around 200mg I would assume, so therefore, if the ester builds to 200 (the dose i want to run) i'm afraid ill have the side come back.

  5. Interesting. Well it sounds like primo- and you trust the source.

    I'm not sure my man. I would just watch it- be cautious maybe the side won't come back. Please keep us- or at least me posted this is quite unusual.
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  6. Only advice I can offer- some guys get eye support when running s4 some kind of herbs not sure what kind- I'm sure you could find out what it is if you searches some logs
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  7. Sounds like the SARM S-4. Only thing that has ever given me yellow vision and bad night time vision. It will make you drier and harder too....

  8. Quote Originally Posted by soma View Post
    Sounds like the SARM S-4. Only thing that has ever given me yellow vision and bad night time vision. It will make you drier and harder too....
    this as well and if so that guy just made huge bank off you.what does your stuff smell and taste like?

  9. I concur this sounds like s-4 being passed off as primo. This does not mean your source intentionally ripped you off he himself could have been duped.

  10. Real oral primo sucks, it's not very bio active... Also it would be crazy expencive to use even at 100 mg ed

    Are your eyes yello when you look inthe mirror or just your vision?

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  11. Sounds like sarm s4. What's your night vision like?

  12. OP must be dead.....

    Are you there! Box?

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  13. Ahh the black market.

    No need for that in my case,steroids available in pharmacy without prescription.

    Test E,Deca,Nebido,Andriol.

    Enough for me,if I ever start using them.


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