Review my first Test E cycle

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  1. I just sent you a long reply, but it came back saying you box is full and over the limit.

    Quote Originally Posted by schwellington View Post
    The only time I personally crush estrogen is when cutting.

    I think the point he was trying to make was that normal levels of estrogen in the male body is important for homeostasis. I could be wrong that he was implying that though.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Lukef2000

    Damn thats pretty cool tho. Cruising on what most people call a cycle 8)
    I know right! Haha I wish I could cruise like that
    The advice I give is just that... Advice, purely my opinion. Not medical advice

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ludbg View Post
    hey guys im gonna be running my first test cycle in few weeks and i wanted to make sure its all good.
    stats: 183lbs at 13% bf 5'8" 26 y/o

    Workout is 5-6days a week.
    30min cardio twice a week
    protein at 300g/day | carbs 300g/day | fats at 80g/day
    2 shakes/day and rest from real food
    5 fishoil/day
    vit C at 2000mg/day

    Load on cycle armor 1 week before and run whole cycle
    wk 1-10 Test E 500mg a week 250 mon and 250 thurs
    wk 1-10 Arimidex .5mg eod
    wk 6-10 HCGenerate maybe?
    wk 10-12 nothing
    wk 12-17 LiquidNolva at 40/40/20/20/20
    wk 12-17 ad3-pct
    wk 12-17 D-pol

    looking to recomp
    how does it look? should i add more support maybe?
    is it good to focus on certain muscle groups more than other since my triceps wont grow and also traps?
    Hey bro since this is your first cycle I just want to give you a heads up on how I would run this cycle.You are wasting money taking such a low dose of a long ester and by the time it builds up in you system you will be done the cycle.

    I would load 1000mg first shot since you are not taking any orals to jump start your cycle and I would run min 600mgs a week after your first 1gram jump start.Taking only 250 twice a week with a drug that has a 12-13 day half life you will never have a high enough peak to even feel it.Trust me,Iv been there and done that and you wont feel jack **** by the 6th week taking it 250 2x a week without an oral for the first few weeks.

    and taking armidex eod is a killer and I would NOT do that as it will kill your libido and also limit your gains.I would run armidex once every 4-6 days depending on how much bloat you get but at such a low dose and a long ester you wont even feel the test.

    I would run

    first shot 1g spilt into 2 different places and then 1.5cc 2x a week after that.and Ill even bet you wont feel that until week 4-5

  4. thanks for the replies guys
    I wanted to keep it simple since it was my first cycle too see how i will respond for sides such as acne. i got even acne from DAA so i hope its not too bad on test.
    as for arimidex, i had childhood gyno and i still have puffi nips so im scared it'll flare up

  5. Yesterday was my first injection It went well. got some PIP but it should be good. used 25g 1" in glutes didnt even feel it
    started arimidex at .25 ED. diet as clean as hell

  6. Is HCGenerate actually a legit replacement for HCG? Is there any benefit to it other than not pinning your stomach?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by littlegeneral View Post
    Is HCGenerate actually a legit replacement for HCG? Is there any benefit to it other than not pinning your stomach?
    its just a really strong test booster. it has nothing to do with the actual HCG. it reduces hpta shutdown so its easier to recover when u start pct

  8. Just a lil update. Today is starting week 7. I did decide to go 14 weeks. I feel great. Im up 20 lbs and BF has gone down. Lifts are way up. Bench is up 50lbs and climbin. Upped dose to 2.6ml/wk.

  9. Nice, how high are you running your ai?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by X2006ibm View Post
    Nice, how high are you running your ai?
    Adex is still at .5mg EOD.


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