Came across this Testosterone and HCG Study

  1. Came across this Testosterone and HCG Study

    I was just browsing around the interwebs reading about steroids and such... I found this and figured I would share. I love this web site and find some pretty cool studies now and then. Anyways...

    HOP-3 Manipulation of the Intratesticular Hormonal Milieu With Exogenous Testosterone - Study Results -

    Its alot of things to understand and can be overwelming but just go to the results and look at the different levels of LH, FSH and Test from the different groups. Its actually really interesting BUT it is done in men with already low LH and TEST so it is hard to relate it to short term use. This type of use will have effects on people who use short term use and will result in supression of your LH and Test. Blast and Cruise protocol could benefit though if you wanted to bring back your sperm count during cruise sessions.

    If you need help understanding anything let me know.
    The advice I give is just that... Advice, purely my opinion. Not medical advice

  2. I didn't get anything out of the study actually. All healthy male subjects were used to test the application of test gel, HCG and placebos, inter alia.
    The results are predictable and unremarkable to me at least. A very slight increase in levels you'd expect to see an increase in, although the E2 readings are suspicious to me. Without any AI/SERM, I was using 100 times the test they were using with the minimal gel and my E2 was well under limits. Anyway, maybe I missed something, but I didn't see anything worth more than a yawn.

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