switching from eth to cyp

  1. switching from eth to cyp

    Hey everybody, just looking for a little advice. Im on cycle running 600 mg/wk of test e and 40 mg/day of dbol. Coming up in december i will be going on a trip for 10 days. I will be flying so i cant bro g my gear. I have a vial of test cyp so im just not sure how to make the switch from eth to cyp and keep my levels as stable as possible. Any help would be great, thanks!

  2. They have almost the exact same half life...some say test C may have a tad more half life like a day so no difference broski
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  3. the halfs are 1 day different.... so really not a whole lot. after 10 days your levels will have dropped way low in the time, so sense your not takin it with you pin the day you leave and pin asap when you get back... there really are not to many other options for you, other then takin it... witch im not tellin you to do but...

  4. or pin extra before you leave...add 50-100% more than your regular inject. this will prevent your levels from dropping so low.

  5. Should transition just fine. As the guys above said the half lives are very similar. You'll be fine.

  6. I do 2x weekly injections right now so i was thinking about pinning a weeks worth at one time

  7. if you're not flying international u can just put a few preloaded syringes in you're checked luggage as far as security knows you're on trt

  8. I know hawaii is a state in the us but are there customs?

  9. shouldn't be but you might wanna look that up

  10. Quote Originally Posted by pistolpete102 View Post
    I know hawaii is a state in the us but are there customs?
    Just returned from a week in Maui. Had pre loads in my carry-on no problem. No customs, just agricultural checks.


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