T3 dosage for girls

  1. T3 dosage for girls

    My sister and i are going on a little cut in a few weeks..we're gnna be using t3 but this is goin to be her first time using any kind of drug (besides otc) to cut weight so neither of us know how to apply dosages for women. Ive used google but cycles i found were a few years old.any suggestions. She is 5'4" 140 lbs 22%bf

  2. Use the search button, many threads have been posted on this, it's a very low dose, guys can run MUCH higher without much worries

    Anyways personally I would make the cycle like this


    Each of those do for 1 week and then work your way down, alot of people take the safe route and only go to 50 mcg however

    This is the one for girls btw

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