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    what is the best for big dry gains?

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    what is the best for big dry gains?
    I would say t bol would be the best

  3. ok. isnt that on the harsher sides? i have been looking into sust300 which i have ran for a very short amount of time. i was shooting 600mg a week. but that didnt last long cause i wasnt aware that test takes as long as it does to start doing its magic so i started to question its legitimacy. but i did start to notcie dramatic increases in libido, muscle definition, and deffinately stamina near the very end.

  4. dry gains come from your diet more then the drugs.... yes drugs do play a big roll but diet is where its at. you can lean bulk on anadrol with proper diet.

    but you want as short an ester as you can get, to help keep water down.

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