thinking of using test p

  1. thinking of using test p

    Hi earlier in the year i was thinking about doing some h-drol but decided not to because i didn't want to risk ordering into the country, but the other day i was talking to a co worker and he said he can get them easy and they don't need to be imported. I did research on orals, but havnt done much on injectables, He has Testosterone propionate and reckons i need to get some arimadex as well as a natty test booster for pct, he reckons this is all i'll need, but i wana check with you guys to make sure im doing it right (hes been on it for 25 weeks).

    Do i need cycle support? and what would the best serm be to use with minimal sides?
    How do i find out if male pattern baldness runs in my family?
    I won't be starting till at least 6 weeks, got to cut up a bit before summer. My co worker has some albuteral that he says he can give me for cheap, is it worth taking? ive done the ec stack and had good results.

  2. Pct includes:

    Test booster
    Cortisol control

    You need to do a lot of research before considering this though my friend.
    PEScience Representative

  3. yeah ive just started researching. i was thinking of using arimidex as an A.i, DAA and prob testopro for pc. i know quite abit about doing an oral cycle, i was wondering if its the same. Should i take cycle support, what serm would you guys recommend for test p. the guy at work just uses arimidex and doesn't use a serm. do i need hcg?

  4. are there any good cortisol blockers that are otc, its really hard getting stuff into new zealand. i can get clen or albuteral which can be used to block cortisol or will i have to try get something like lean extreme.\

    btw im 25 years old 5'8 180lbs

  5. What's your bodyfat at?

  6. around 15%, going to cut to around 170 before i think about doing a cycle, just came off a natty bulk, gained abit of fat

  7. If you're at 15% and 180 you can easily gain more naturally. I got to 6-7% at 175 before I even thought about touching aas.(and I'm shorter than you) If you use too soon you'll mess up your natural potential and you'll gain much more later.

    Train hard and eat right and you'll gain for sure but I'd hold off on the juice for now my man. Just my .02. Pm If you want help with training or diet, you can easily get to a lean 170-180 at your height naturally for sure

  8. yeah i just seem to gain alot more fat than muscle even eating very strict, no carbs at night etc. plus im a personal trainer and i reckon id get more of guys wanting to put mass on as clients if i was bigger

  9. They say reckon in new Zealand or do you think that's how we talk in America?

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  10. well remember theres no shortcut, those that take them wont get desired results. rememeber muscle building is very very slow as a pt you should know this. but i do agree with your sales pitch end of it.

    if your mind is 100% made up id look into pro hormones first as its a bit lighter and also legal. my first cycle was helladrol and put on about 10 lbs. good stuff

  11. how long do you plain to be "on"? not 25 wks i hope....

  12. Quote Originally Posted by usealittle
    how long do you plain to be "on"? not 25 wks i hope....
    Nah bro he's gotta go at least 30 weeks or he won't get gainz


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