Going for it again but at 43...Dbol stack need PCT advise...

  1. Going for it again but at 43...Dbol stack need PCT advise...

    Last year about this time I started a cycle and got injured. I stopped cycle recovered from injury. Been recovered for a very long time. Here is the stack I am using...

    I know I know all about how orals are bad and just use pins... So please spare me the lectures.. But I am looking for info on when to start Nolvadex and how long I should use it after cycle is complete.

    Length: 6 weeks

    Weeks 1-6 50 mg Methan50 per day
    Weeks 1-6 25 mg Proviron per day
    Weeks 1-6 3 Liv-52 taken twice per day.

    This is an 6 week oral only stack for those looking to add some mass and strength while avoiding injections. The Methan50 is a powerful oral steroid and the proviron will add some extra androgen to the mix while helping to suppress estrogen and free up the amount of testosterone in the body. The Liv-52 is included to keep the liver healthy during the 6 weeks of C-17 use. Starting on day 1, take half tablet of Methan50, 1 GP Proviron , and 1 Liv-52 about an hour before your workout. Before bed, take 2 more Liv-52 and another half tablet of Methan50. Do this for 6 weeks, and continue to take the Liv-52 for 10 days after the end of the cycle.

    I read that at the end of cycle when starting Novadex that I can start taking something to help kickstart my test with it... Any thoughts?

  2. Start Nolva day after last dose and SERMs are typically ran for 4wks (40/20/10/10) or (20/20/10/10)

  3. Going to use Nolva as for pct and Erase hope that sounds right.

  4. DAA would also help

  5. Can someone elaborate on DAA? Benefits etc.



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