Losing Fat on Test E-- Let me run this by you

  1. Losing Fat on Test E-- Let me run this by you

    Hey all-

    I'm just starting week 2 of a moderate dose test E run. 420 mg per week plus 500 IU of hCG. I'm trying to lose some fat while at least maintaining strength. I was losing weight prior to the cycle running a moderate caloric deficit and got down to 194 lbs a week ago. Today I am 203.

    I know that one can expect some water and glycogen retention but I was hoping to keep my weight relatively constant or ideally, lose a few pounds on this run. I'm wondering if I should a) drop cals lower b) add in some armidex c) take some lasix every few weeks to get a dry weight or d) let it ride and not worry too much about it because test e is test e and this is inevitable.

    This is my second run with real stuff and I gained almost 30 lbs in my first 3.5 weeks last time. However, I was eating much more and kicking it off with superdrol so I don't see that as being indicative of much.

    I chose test e rather than some more typical cutting compounds because I have used it before, knew how to get it, and it is as basic and safe as it gets.

  2. Jump on some armidex or aromasin and you'll drop the water weight. Don't worry about your wright tho. It's just your body storing extra glycogen and for every gram of extra glycogen stored there's 3G of water that comes with it. Just because you put in wright doesn't mean it's fat.

  3. I agree with Luke, but since ur running tren u can drastically restrict cals. Drop alot of body fat and maybe gain a few lbs of lean mass. That's the nature of tren

  4. Test, not Tren

  5. Oh, disregard

  6. Definitely get on some aromasin.
    And if you end this cycle still weighing 203 I'm betting you replaced fat with muscle.
    I gained maybe 2 lbs my last recomp cycle but I lost 3% bodyfat.
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  7. Use the mirror as a your main way to gauge if you are reaching your goals not the scale.

    Also it helps to be able to distinguish between fat and bloat.

  8. If trying to cut ALWAYS USE AN AI estrogen PROMOTES fat storage. Thus we want it at nil.

    I run a gran of test cutting use 25mg aroamasin too
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  9. Nil is a bit of an overstatement.

    Our bodies do need some estrogen to function properly.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Sleazy E View Post
    Nil is a bit of an overstatement.

    Our bodies do need some estrogen to function properly.
    For growth, soft tissue and immune system right? Would it be optimal to run an ai and get your estrogen levels checked until you get the dose correctly set to keep you in a certain range?

  11. I have some adex already so I'll give that a shot (rather than get aromasin). I started with 0.5 eod. It has been working well thus far but it hasn't been long. I'll watch and see how it goes. Thanks for the input everyone.


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