Test levels on 200mgs/week

  1. Test levels on 200mgs/week

    What would be an average test level (reading via blood test) if patient is on 200mgs of test a week, blood was drawn 5 DAYS after last dose.

    I believe this test will list both;Total and Free

  2. Well, a 150lb guy will have a much higher reading than a 300lb guy at 200mg, but if we are just throwing darts, I'd say 1000-1200 for a 200lb guy at 5 days post injection.

    From this study: http://ajpendo.physiology.org/cgi/co...ll/281/6/E1172

    300mg: 1345ng/dl
    600mg: 2370ng/dl

  3. free is impossible to guess. total 5 days post 200mg in i've seen lows of just below 900, highs of 1400.

  4. so 900-1400 range would be total test?

  5. yeah, no way to tell what free test is, as it will depend on SHBG levels

  6. ^^^ exactly... and aromatization as well.


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