anything else that feels like test?

  1. anything else that feels like test?

    hey guys, I've ran one test cycle before. it was amazing. I loved the fact that i felt great and had great limbido while on. 12 lbs gain off a 5week test prop cycle. kept 90 percent of gains.

    I don't have access to any test anymore, so I figured I would give superdrol a shot.. after a week of taking it, i stopped cause it made me feel like ****, and killed my libido. and i couldnt even get a boner. test did the opposite. it made me horny, and i didnt even crash hard while on PCT. the prohormone made me crash after week of taking it. wtf?

    Do all pro hormones do this? since i don't have access to what I want,is there any supplement out I can get, that makes you feel.. well at least similar to test? something that doesn't **** over your libido?

  2. Ment (trestolone precursor)

    4-AD (test precursor)

    Stano (DHT precursor)

    D-Plex (methyl DHT)

    Phera (DMT)

    Mecha (methylclostebol)

    Those are good for sense of well being, aggression and libido.
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  3. There are a lot of factors here, but one stands out to me. If your system is resistant to shut down then running anabolics for short periods of time will probably give you that alpha male effect. I ran a cycle awhile back with test and dbol and my friend ran the same. We both got blood work 5 weeks in and my LH and FSH were essentially zero while my buddy's was still in the normal range albeit the lower part of it.

    Another option is to use hcg in conjunction with you PH. The ****ty feeling you get from PHs is usually from lack of test (unless you're running high doses which can make you feel like **** no matter what). By taking hcg you keep test production up so you're less likely to feel like ****.

  4. superdrol kicked my sex drive while on cycle, it was similar to being on test. post cycle its bad though, really bad. from SD you probably felt really tired and sluggish --> some nice liver stress i've been there, make sure you're running some liver support among others, SD isn't candy. if you do halodrol and/or Oral Turinabol (hdrol is tbols PH), you should be fine in that department, just not as big of gains as test.

  5. m14add stacked with stano or dplex would be awsome for libido as well as gains



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