Burst Cycle-need feedback

  1. Burst Cycle-need feedback

    Tri Tren dosed at 150mg/1ml. 225mg dosed EOD for 14days. 50prop/50hex/50enan
    Winstrol Depo 100mg EOD days 1-14, 150mg eod for day 15-28
    Test Prop 100mg EOD day 1-20, 200mg EOD day 21-30
    Caber 1mg x2/week

    cjc+ghrp 3-5x/day
    IGF DES pre w/o

    Nolva 40/20/20
    Clomid 100/100/50/50
    IGF lr3

    goal: clean bulk. starting cycle at 5-10 low 190s, gain 10lbs of SOLID muscle and maintain most of it.

    My reasoning for the cycle being short is majorly influenced by the Androgens thread in this section. i dont think 4weeks would
    i would be not eating carbs for a week prior to start of cycle.

  2. If doing a burst cycle why use tri tren over tren ace? Tren ace is a clear better choice for short cycles and as for 10 pounds... Umm well you can try seems like a fairly short cycle for that but I haven't tried one before

  3. okay anybody else?

  4. Yeah ace > anything for 4 weeks. I understand the blast but not using the TRI-tren blend. It would be like blasting with sust, doable, but not practical.

    Better off lowering the doses and stretching it out a little, IMO.

    Unless you're crushing on trt dose
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  5. looks good to me balls to the wall for 4 weeks would like to see a log on this one



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