Crunch Time -Need help dosing winny

  1. Crunch Time -Need help dosing winny

    im on week 12 of 16 in my cycle i have a show at the end of week 16.
    I just got some oral Winny, how would you dose it to be effective yet not too harsh on the body for maximim results. i will be taking it for 3 1/2 weeks up to my show. diet has been on point training 6 days a week

    currrently per week
    525mg test Prop
    525mg Tren A
    400mg masteron

  2. 50mg a day starting now. 2 weeks out drop test and bump winny to 100mg. If you can get halo then just keep winny 50mg straight through and add halo at 30mg the last two weeks.

  3. Any 4 weeks out pics??

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ripped_one
    Any 4 weeks out pics??
    Only one I got at the moment this was yesterday after legs n bi's
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  5. i agree 50 is a good starting dose



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