Cutting and strength cycle for MMA - Low dose test, EQ, anavar.

  1. Cutting and strength cycle for MMA - Low dose test, EQ, anavar.

    Don't get tested so its all good.


    Will be my second cycle

    Going to run it for 12 weeks

    250mg test E/week
    250mg EQ/week
    40mg anavar E/D

    Fight at 70kg 155lb. Naturally really strong, would like to increase that strength, lose some fat and increase cardio capacity. Will be on a low carb diet to stop any unwanted pumps.

    Tamoxifen 20mg a day for PCT 2 weeks after last shot.

    I had arimidex during my first cycle but didnt really do much to get rid of the bloat have you guys got any other suggestions? Was taking 0.25 eod, don't know if it was bad stuff or if arimidex just doesnt work for me.

    What you guys think about this cycle?


  2. How long until the fight?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  3. about 12 weeks

  4. If you're already 30lbs over, it'll be really hard for you to make weight. Also, the EQ dose is really low and will take awhile before it starts to show its merit.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  5. If you're naturally really strong why try so hard to increase it? Work on other things that you are weak at. Also you'll never make weight running EQ. It makes your appetite increase dramatically from all I've read.
    I'm a former journey man pro, spend the extra effort getting in super shape. First round goes to the better athlete, second to the guy in better shape, and third round to the guy that wants it more.


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