I've done prohormones before, I've done Fina 1-Andro a couple years ago and the RA stack which seems to be 1-Andro for the first month and then a deca precursor for the second month. I'm about to do the Fina again but a decently higher dosage and have a few questions.

First off, as of now, I've got the 550-XD on hand and just took 2 pills. However, I've got 3 bottles of 1-Andro on the way along with the Revolution PCT. Until getting on the forum, I didn't know 550-XD was a deca precursor. How would someone experienced with prohormones take these...order, amount of pills etc. Right now I'm 6'2, 235 lbs. I feel like I may need to take the 550-XD towards the end of the cycle...which I was planning on running this about 3-4 months. I'd rather do 4 because I notice a good bit of fat cut down which will be a big plus for me...can't lose belly fat.

Ok here are my different ideas of paths I'm debating. I mainly want to burn fat like I said...but hitting 405 on bench from about 350 or so now would be great.

Month 1: 3 1-Andro's / day
Month 2: 2 1-Andro's & 2 550 XD/day
Month 3: 1 1-Andro / day
Pct half way through month 3 until finished


Month 1: 4 1-Andro's/day
Month 2: 2 1-Andro's/day & 2 500 XD's/day followed by PCT

Could I push it to 4 months...and at my size and weight should I maybe even throw in higher dosages of 1-andro. My biggest concern is the libido problems they say that deca(550 xd) can cause.

Put it this way: I've got 180 pills of 1-Andro, 60 of 550-XD, and one bottle of PCT(60 pills I think).

What order should I take them?

Thanks for the time and help!