Few questions on clenbuterol

  1. Few questions on clenbuterol

    -Is it a good idea to use if not on some sort of test?

    -just got off cycle a couple weeks back, was and currently eating 4000 cals (240 pro, 500 carb, 110 fats) and maintaining same body fat gaining muscle.... How would you alter my diet to burn fat without risking much muscle?

    -I am not wanting to lose a ton of fat, just a bit and maintain it through January when I go back on cycle

    Current stats-
    22 years old
    5'6. 205 lbs Roughly 13-15% bodyfat

    Any advice helps, I am new to clen

  2. Its fine without test. In fact many studies show its mildly anabolic. C E M clen is awesome ..im using it now. start low on dose and get some ketotifen. If you take that at night you can take clen on an ongoing basis instead of on /off. best of luck. any other questions feel free to ask.

  3. You can't post sources on this forum, StanleyG.

    You want to lose weight? Don't use ketotifen because it increases your appetite...semi counter-productive.

    Get taurine and take 3-5g a day. You may end up needing more, but thats a good starting point. Run Clen for 2-3 weeks at a time; 3 if you're using something to upregulate your beta-2 receptors, which is what ketotifen does.

    Also, I highly recommend not exceeding 200mcg a day. It simply isn't worth the health risks.

    As per your diet, I can't say exactly... only you know (or should know) how your body reacts to changes in macros. Based on what you're saying though, I would NOT start taking clen for a while because you are either finishing up/just finished PCT. You need to focus on maintaining your gains for a while.
    No SERM, No Cycle, No Problem.

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