Whats up bros,

So I have decided to go big or go home for a recomp that I will start most likely in January. Right now, I am in the tail end of this cycle:

Test E Weeks 1-12
SD Weeks 1-4
Epi Weeks 7-12

It has been a really smooth cycle and gains are solid. I'm feeling really good on, so I was thinking maybe I could add more injectables for my next cycle to save my liver. I was looking at running something like this:

Test P @ 150mg EOD Weeks 1-3
Test E @ 600mg Weeks 1-12
Tren Ace @ 75mg EOD Weeks 1-8
Kv2 @ 400mg Weeks 5-12

This cycle will be a pure recomp. I was going to use the Prop as a kick start. I have never used Tren so I honestly don't know if the Prop will make a difference or not, especially since Tren is also a short esther with a quick kick in time. I want to run the Test E at 600mg because at 500mg I really don't feel that great of a difference than I would normally while on. The Kv2 will help harden me up big time and really help solidify some gains that will be made while also helping me cut up a good bit. As always, any comments are helpful. I come on here for guidance so that's what I expect. Thanks.