Okay guys so I'm 11 days in my cycle of Test cyp 500mg a week/dbol 40mg/day and I must say it feels amazing. The first week was f'd up. BP was through the roof and the headaches followed, resting heart rate was always above 90bmp and I just felt like s**t throughout the day nor did I notice any strenght gains(if anything my strength had decreased). By the 8th day I woke up feeling great and by mid-day I noticed I had no headaches and my BP was 111/55, went to the gym later on and had the best workout of my life!! Man I felt like a BEAST, except I spent 20 minutes trying to load the bar for shrugs...back pumps. Everything is going smoothly I gained 4lbs and lost about 2%bf(about 10% now). I'm takin adex .25mg the day after I pin which is e4d. I have sum water around my abdomen and sum in my tits. My nipples arent sore or itchy nor do they look puffy but there is a hard lump behind each nipple. I'm thinkin about increasing the adex dosage from .25mg e4d to e3d, what do you guys think?Oh and can somebody please tell me how to deal with the pumps. I'm taking 12g of taurine prew/o and its not doing jack.