second pin cycle coming up

  1. second pin cycle coming up

    Okay guys, been away fro the forums the whole summer, doing nothing but maintenance, working my ass off, and various other stagnant things...

    What i'm thinking of now... need some input please (see questions below).

    Goal: bulk w/ little to no fat increase.
    Available Ammo: SDrol, Sust250, Andropen275, Test-e 250, IGF-LR3, PEG-MGF
    Support: Exemestane, Tamoxifen, HCG, standard PH supports for the SDrol, Standard multi/fish oil/ RYR/ glucosamine/etc.

    Wk 1-3 - 10/20/20 SDrol kicker
    Wk 1-12 - 550mg/wk (andropen or sust250) Might consider ramping up a bit near the end, not sure yet)
    Wk 4-13 - HCG 250iu twice/wk
    Wk 15-16 Tamox 20mg ED + 25mg exemestane ED
    Wk 17-18 Tamox 10mg ED + 25mg exemestane ED

    As for Exemestane, use on-cycle? don't use unless experiencing est sides?

    Also, I was thinking about throwing in the PEG-MGF at the beginning, beginning about one week before starting the SDrol due to the way MGF works, pinning it subQ on off days for 10 days (100mcg each). Then using a PEG-MGF and IGF-LR3 combo once I start PCT. thoughts on this?

  2. Okay, clarification on the HCG. Seems like the general consensus is to dose 5,000iu ending a week before PCT starts. So for a 12wk cycle, start HCG at wk 4, 250iu twice a week beginning of wk 4, ending after wk 13. Yes?

    also, bump for any suggestions/comments. Planning on starting next week.

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