First M1-D and Phenylvar Cycle!!!!!!! Help!

  1. First M1-D and Phenylvar Cycle!!!!!!! Help!

    Hi all i am making a new post to show my results as i take this cycle. I am also posting to ask some questions. First the questions...

    1. Is this a good cycle to take? i only took superdrol before and that it. so im not that experienced in ph's. i got gyno after because i was stupid and didnt get proper pct. i learned my lessen

    I think this cycle is a good combo since M1-D is a good mass and strength wet compound while phenylvar is a nice dry anti estro compound... what do yall think?

    For pct i have nolva and some other things i bought of the internet like recycle and E blocker.... which are natural test boosters also...

    2. Since i am acceptable to gyno i am thinking about taking the E blocker from Pro Science Labs throughout my cycle then take nolva with recycle right after i finish my main cycle does this sound good?

  2. anyone plz?

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