Dumb question...

  1. Dumb question...

    I know many will not agree but I am doing a few weeks of oral winny solo to test if my source is legit and I was wondering if anyone would advise a pre-workout while doing this.

  2. you could and meh depends on why you really need the preworkout

  3. Just for some energy

  4. energy? I like assault by musclepharm for focus, Super Pump max for pump, and Animal Rage or 1.M.R. for energy so probably one of the last two

  5. I have supersize and bodyoctane on hand. I think I'm going to go with the bodyoctane and save the supersize for after since it's heavier on the stim side.

  6. Ok, on my 3rd week of winny and I'm up 8lbs. It probably would have been more if I didn't get sick last week. Funny thing is I was not trying to gain any weight but more of a recomp but I am liking the physique and from the compliments so are others. I just have one more question, my buddy has a nice amount of var he wants to get rid of, about 136 pills of 25mg. Would any of you guys extend this cycle a couple of weeks more and switch over to the var or save it for the next cycle?

  7. Save it for later...

  8. save for down the road


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