ok, so i bought a new bottle of letrozole from my supplier. The first one was proven to be legit with bloodwork. But i dont seem to be reacting the same to this new bottle, and i think it might be completely bunk. My question is, i literally start pct in less than 2 weeks, and the last time i used the letrozole i think was good was Sunday night. I know that the half life is about 2 days, so im wondering, since its been over 2 days now and by tomorrow it will be 3.5. If i got bloodwork done tomorrow, would it be obvious whether or not the new letrozole is doing its job? My last bloodwork was last week, and had an estrogen of 7.1, which if i understand correctly should stay at that or only get lower if the dose remains consistent, and it has. If i wait any longer than tomorrow, i could possibly not have results till monday, and that could be detrimental to keeping my gyno under control. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks